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Null-class Advanced Recon Commandos was a class of 12 Advanced Recon Commandos who served in the Grand Army of the Republic's Special Operations Brigade. Half of the Null ARCs did not survive their births, with the rest being adopted into Clan Skirata by their training sergeant and father figure Kal Skirata.[1]


The Null-class Advanced Recon Commandos were commissioned by the Jedi in 32 BBY.[2] The Null-class was considered a failure by the Kaminoans, after the death of six of the initial batch. The six survivors were brought in front of Kal Skirata, Prime Minister Taun We, and their genome, Jango Fett. After a heated conversation, Skirata took the young clones under his wing. The Nulls were much more intense than Alpha-class Advanced Recon Commandos, becoming known as death-on-legs.[1]


In 32 BBY, the Nulls were created by the Kaminoans out of the genome of Jango Fett, at the supposed behest of the Jedi.[2] By 30 BBY, however, the Null-class came out of their pods, with the death of half of the batch.[1] The Kaminoans put them through training, eventually believing that they were unfit for duty, likely due to the highly aggressive nature. Prime Minister Taun We brought the six Nulls to Jango Fett, in order to get his permission to execute the batch as defective. However, Kal Skirata was present at the meeting as well and threatened the Kaminoan, with one of the Nulls grabbing Skirata's ankle holster blaster and aimed at the Kaminoan. After talking him down, Skirata took the six ARCs to his housing and named them - Ordo, Mereel, Prudii, Jaing, Kom'rk, and A'den - and taught them about his Mandalorian heritage.[1]

After years of intensive training, the six were deployed to the First Battle of Geonosis. The six survived from the battle, and managed to return to their headquarters of Coruscant, in the Arca Company barracks. Five days after the battle, however, the six ARCs created a standoff against the Special Operations Brigade, taking their barracks over completely, which led to the reinstatement of their beloved father, Skirata into the Grand Army of the Republic as a Sergeant.[1] Throughout the war, the Nulls were split up, with a majority of them pulling reconnaissance and sabotage missions. Ordo, on the other hand, remained with Skirata.[1]

In 22 BBY, four months following the First Battle of Geonosis, Ordo was present during the Galactic City spaceport hostage siege, alongside Skirata, Jedi General Kaim, and a squad of commandos who Skirata had also trained Omega Squad.[3] Korunni terrorists had taken over the spaceport, taking several hostages including Mon Calamari Senator Meena Tills. Kaim entered the spaceport alone, hoping to negotiate with them. Atin, one of Omega, gave Kaim a strip-cam, which he took into the spaceport. However, it was ill-attempted, as Kaim was killed and then explosives were strapped to the corpse. The terrorists threw the corpse to the forces surrounding them. Fi, another Omega member, jumped onto the explosives, which went off, however, his Katarn-class commando armor protected him from the blast.[3] Ordo would then use an EMP grenade, which would shut off the medias' cameras. Omega quickly stormed the spaceport and killed the terrorists, rescuing the hostages.[3]

In 21 BBY, a whole year after the beginning of the war, Ordo and Skirata organized an anti-terrorism operation, along with Omega Squad, Delta Squad, Jedi Generals Bardan Jusik and Etain Tur-Mukan, and Walon Vau, a former Cuy'val Dar member as well.[1] The taskforce's primary goal was to locate Separatist terrorists and kill any Republic traitors as soon as possible. This was escalated because of a bombing that had killed a plethora of civilians and 15 troopers.[1] The unit went under deep cover, with Ordo especially going into the GAR logistics department, where he met Corr. Ordo and Corr would switch out armor in order for him to go under deep cover, with Corr returning to their makeshift base and assisting their mission. Mereel would join the mission shortly thereafter. After locating the proper means, evidence and building their cover, the unit set out to execute the terrorist cell. Mereel and Ordo led two different parts of the assault on two flanks, alongside the two commando squads, Corr, Jusik, and Skirata, while Mukan and Vau were elsewhere. The taskforce killed 97 terrorists in all, later celebrating with the CSF and Besany Wennan, one of Corr's fellow employees who had taken a shine to Ordo.[1]

Only a few months after the mission on Coruscant, Skirata, Ordo, and Mereel set out to locate Ko Sai, a Kaminoan scientist who had developed their accelerated aging process. The three set out, with the assistance of Vau, to locate Sai and force her to reverse the aging process for every clone in the army. Sai was a highly sadistic Kaminoan, who cared very little for anything. Ordo had to assist Tur-Mukan elsewhere, for the birth of her and Darman's child. Skirata and Mereel tracked Sai down and managed to take her prisoner. Ordo and Etain rendezvoused with Skirata, Vau, Mereel, and the prisoner on Mandalore, where they met with Jaing and a few other fellow Mandalorians.[4] There, Tur-Mukan gave birth. Sai, however, committed suicide in that time, which led to Jaing and Mereel taking care of the body.[4]

Later on, the Nulls began to work more against the Grand Army than with them, as Skirata had encouraged them to be independent and look out for one another's interests rather than the Senate's. Following the Battle of Coruscant, Skirata decided that the Nulls and the rest of his family should desert from the Republic. After evacuating a few assets and people they did not want to see harmed to Mandalore, the rest remained on the planet following the battle to wrap up a few loose ends.[5] However, soon thereafter, Order 66 was initiated, which resulted in immense chaos breaking loose. Because of this, the Nulls attempted to desert with many of their brothers and family, however. While attempting to retreat, Tur-Mukan was murdered and Niner was injured. Darman stayed behind to look after Niner and cope with the loss of Tur-Mukan, while the rest were forced to leave them behind.[5]

The Nulls would plan an escape for Niner and Darman, however, this plan did not go accordingly. Darman decided that they would best to survey anything regarding Mandalore in the Empire's communications, seeing as the Clan was taking care of Kad, his son. Niner, loyal as ever, would not leave Darman alone.[5]


Armor and Equipment[]

The Nulls were given typical Phase I clone trooper armor and Phase II clone trooper armor with the enhancements of the Advanced Recon Commando's rangefinder, pauldron, and kama. Four of the Nulls had armor with blue markings, with Ordo possessing red markings and A'den possessing green markings. They all possessed DC-17 hand blasters, as well as an assortment of other weapons. Later on, the Nulls would ditch their clone trooper armor when deserting from the GAR and bear their own individual Mandalorian armor.


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