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Commando Niner


RC-1309 (formerly)

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c. 32 BBY


Human (clone)




1.83 meters

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Lambda Squad (formerly)
Omega Squad
Squad 40 (later)


Galactic Republic
Galactic Empire
Clan Skirata


Clone Wars
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Niner Skirata, also known as RC-1309 and later IC-1309, was a clone commando sergeant of both Omega Squad and Lambda Squad during the Clone Wars. He, his squad and various other people including his training sergeant Kal Skirata, were originally going to desert the GAR when Order 66 was executed. However, an escaping Jedi pushed him off a bridge, and Darman Skirata called a medivac. Niner and Darman were both absorbed into the Imperial Commando Special Unit, serving in Squad 40.


Early Life and Geonosis[]

In 32 BBY, Niner was born on the planet of Kamino, cloned from the genetic template of Jango Fett, a Mandalorian bounty hunter. Niner was assigned to serve as a clone commando, being trained in one of the companies assigned to Training Sergeant Kal Skirata of the Cuy'val Dar.[1] Skirata became a surrogate father of Niner's, the only role model he knew, and adopted many of his mannerisms. Niner was assigned the rank of Sergeant, the leader of Lambda Squad. He and his squad would endure intense psychological training through flash training and physiological training through exercises such as the Killing House and the Sickener.[1][2] In training, Niner lost a brother, Two-Eight, during a live-fire exercise.[1] The commandos mourned the loss of their brother, but accepted the new member with open arms.[1]

In 22 BBY, Niner was deployed to the First Battle of Geonosis, which began the Clone Wars, along with the rest of the clone forces, the Grand Army of the Republic. The commandos were deployed to the battle as infantry, which was not the purpose they were assigned for, as they were trained in stealth, sabotage, and espionage.[1] During the first Battle of Geonosis, Niner's squad, along with thousands of other commandos, were tasked with taking over key Separatists bases on Geonosis. All of Lambda Squad was killed except for Niner, leaving him without a team to work with. Months later, following the loss of his squad, Niner was stationed on a Republic Assault Ship, where he and three other commandos who had lost their squads came together to form Omega Squad, assigned to serve under the Special Operations Brigade.[1]

Mission to Qiilura[]

Niner's second mission, the first with his new squad, was a siege of an enemy stronghold on Qiilura. The objective was capture a Separatist scientist by the name of Ovolot Qail Uthan and any research she had of her virus. Upon arriving on the planet the initial landing went south; a bird-strike caused Niner, Atin and Fi to be separated from the final remaining member, Darman.[1] The three commandos continued on with the operation, meeting at each RV point, hoping to come across Darman. The squad managed to take a few local targets, namely a communications facility in Teklet, a local city.[1] Once they took down the facility, the three stumbled across a Weequay, Guta-Nay, who had been one of the Ghez Hokan's Lieutenants.[1] Eventually, the three met up with Darman, who had found two allies; a local, Jinart, and a Jedi Padawan by the name of Etain Tur-Mukan. The squad reconvened with the new allies and their captive, deploying him under the influence of Tur-Mukan's Jedi abilities, which allowed for the squad to move forward.[1]

Niner, Fi, and Tur-Mukan remained outside of the facility, providing covering fire, while Darman, Atin, and Jinart infiltrated the facility, using gdan warrens to get in, exfiltrating Uthan through the tunnels.[1] The commandos initiated the extraction of Uthan with minimal issues. However, upon retreating, Atin was injured by Hokan's Lieutenant Hurati.[1] Darman executed Hurati and got Uthan and Atin to the extraction point. Fi and Niner had stayed back to cover the escape when they spotted Hokan retreating.[1] The two pursued him and eventually lured him into a trap. Niner decided to pretend to be wounded, while Fi circled around to ambush Hokan. The plan worked, except Fi did not deliver the final blow to Hokan by Tur-Mukan beheaded the Mandalorian. The squad rallied with the Republic forces, extracting Uthan from the planet, while Tur-Mukan remained behind alongside Jedi General Arligan Zey and ARC Captain Maze.[1]

First Mission to Coruscant[]

A month following the operation on Qillura, Omega was called to Coruscant to assist in a terrorist led hostage situation, which took place at the Galactic City Spaceport. The squad worked alongside the Coruscant Security Force, Senate Guard Captain Jaller Obrim, Jedi General Kaim, Senate Head Mars Rugeyan, ARC Captain Ordo, and their old training sergeant Kal Skirata.[3] Preparing a battle strategy, the unit, once all the hostages had been identified, were ready to breach the facility. In the first attempt, Kaim was killed, his body discarded and lined with explosives. Fi leaped on top of the corpse, his Katarn-class armor taking the brunt of the explosion. While Skirata checked on Fi, Niner, Darman, Atin, and Ordo began lining the doors with explosives for the breach. When the squad prepared for the insertion, Skirata joined the unit, while Ordo planned to enter through the roof.[3] Once inside, the squad managed to execute the terrorist threat and save the hostages, although Fi nearly shot Skirata in the frenzy.[3] The assault only lasted twenty-seconds in total, with the squad remaining intact. Fi became known as a legend in the CSF spheres and Omega Squad were deployed to another operation shortly thereafter.[3]

Mission to Fest and TIOPS[]

Ten and a half months into the war, Niner and the rest of Omega were dispatched to Fest, to destroy a Separatist research center that was researching phrik alloy.[2] Fest was a frozen wasteland, covered in white snow. Ironically, they were issued new matte black Night Ops Armor just in time for this job, which of course became the source of many jokes from their pilot.[2] However, with the kind of protection the new armor gave, they didn't need to hide. Niner was not pleased in the slightest with it however, because of visibility.[2] After the mission, they were tasked with arresting Separatists for their crimes. Omega was assigned, alongside Sicko, to this mission. Omega deployed from the ship, while Sicko flew out of range. Niner and the squad broke into the ship, stunning two of the criminals, while capturing the other three.[2] However, during the extraction, the Republic TIV came under fire, being identified as pirates, which opened into open space, sucking the two stunned criminals out into the vacuum. Without life support online or additional systems, Niner and his squad were stranded onboard the ship, waiting to be rescued. Eventually they were rescued by fellow clone commando squad, Delta.[2] The two squads created a rivalry once they met, namely due to Atin's threat against his and Delta's former training sergeant.[2] Following the extraction, the squads were picked up by Republic Assault Ship (RAS) Fearless. The squads were diverted to Coruscant, set to be tasked by Kal Skirata as a strike team with an anti-terrorist operation.[2]

Second Mission to Coruscant[]

Niner, his squad, Delta, alongside Tur-Muken, Jedi Knight Bardan Jusik, Omega's training sergeant Kal Skirata, Delta's training sergeant Walon Vau, and Null-class ARC trooper Ordo were assigned to a strike team for an anti-terrorist operation on Coruscant, tasked with executing a Separatist terror cell.[2] After Skirata, Ordo, Sev, and Scorch payed a visit to Qibbu the Hutt to secure the location of their base, Skirata received a communication from the Separatist terror cell's leader, Perrive. The two set a meeting, with Skirata meeting Perrive in person, while Scorch, Fi, Darman, and Sev were in sniping positions; two with live rounds and two with "dust".[2] Niner was stationed at their makeshift HQ, confirming the tracking beacons.[2] Niner was tasked with Scorch as a part of Green Watch, while the other commandos were split into different shifts. However, throughout the duration of the operation, Niner was not involved with much action, but participated in a lot of the strategic planning, alongside Ordo. While off-shift one night, Niner watched over Skirata as he slept, worried about whether his surrogate father was comfortable or not.[2] Throughout the operation, the strike team was joined by ARC Lieutenant Mereel, one of the other Null ARCs, and clone trooper Corr, who had previously been an explosive ordinance disposal trooper before his arms were severed at the forearm by an explosion.[2] As they uncovered more information, the strike team began removing Separatist spies from the equation, with Ordo and Mereel eliminating the spies.[2] The strike team began a pre-operation celebration, something to boost morale, when Perrive called in the order for the explosives Skirata had in his possession, stating the terror cell needed to move now because of their cover. Niner was present at the raid and assisted in the execution of the Separatist terror threat, which only lasted twelve minutes. Niner was present at the post-operation celebration as well, alongside the strike team and the CSF.[2]

Mission to Gaftikar[]

Niner and the rest of Omega Squad were deployed to the planet of Gaftikar, four hundred and seventy days following Geonosis. Their mission was to assist and train local rebels, Marits, against the citizens of the city of Eyat, a Separatist-controlled zone. The squad were assisted by Null-class ARC Sergeant A'den, who had been sent as a replacement to the missing in action Alpha-class ARC Lieutenant Sull.[4] While A'den had sent Darman and Atin to scout out the city of Eyat, Fi and Niner remained behind to train the Marits. However, upon Darman and Atin's return, the two had found and captured Sull, who they brought back to the camp. Niner was adamant about reporting Sull's desertion to the GAR command, so he could be tried for treason and punished as necessary. However, A'den, who had no true allegiance to the Republic, only his surrogate father, Kal Skirata, argued that by executing Sull, they would be sending a clone brother to die for a war that they had not volunteered to serve in.[4] Niner eventually acquiesced, allowing A'den to call a transport to take Sull to Mandalore. When the Republic force arrived, Niner and the rest of Omega were tasked with assaulting a communication station. However, during the assault, an explosive force caused the building to collapse, seriously injuring Fi in the process.[4] Niner, Darman, and Atin rushed Fi to the medcenter aboard the RAS Leveler, which was not heavily occupied due to the low-stakes of the operation, which only made matters worse in the eyes of the squad.[4] After communicating with Skirata, he had Fi transferred to a hospital on Coruscant, which led to additional issues that led to Fi being discharged dead and sent to Mandalore.[4] With Fi's status as deceased, he was removed from the roster of Omega Squad. Niner, Darman, and Atin unanimously voted on Corr being opted into the squad, after he completed his cross-training from Jaing and Kom'rk, both Null-class ARC Lieutenants.[4]

Battle of Haurgab[]

In 20 BBY, Omega Squad was deployed to the Battle of Haurgab, specifically sent to track down and assassinate a Maujasi Clan Leader known as Jolluc. The members of the squad were very disappointed with the assignment, especially since Haurgab was far from a vital theater of war. The squad managed to track down the location of the transport and where it would be headed through. The squad members were very vocal about their disdain with the war, with Atin remarking that he was ready to desert whenever Skirata gave the word, with Corr and Darman agreeing soon thereafter. Niner, however, hesitated before responding, but decided he would not be left behind when his brothers left.[5] After locating Jolluc, the squad successfully executed him, however, not without revealing their position. The Maujasi Clan assaulted their position for a prolonged amount of time until ARC Captain Maze deployed reinforcements from the Hadde Base led by the 14th Infantry Brigade.[5] Omega Squad was stationed on the planet for another month, with Delta Squad even being deployed to the base. However, while off-duty, Hadde Base came under attack, with missiles being launched, resulting in the death of two troopers.[5] Omega and Delta Squads were deployed to eliminate the targets, with back up by the 14th and 85th Infantry Brigade, as well as Tur-Mukan. The group located the targets, with Niner leading the assault in the facility, with Corr, Atin, and Scorch entering the building, slotting three targets and capturing four targets.[5] Soon thereafter, Tur-Mukan got both squads stationed on Nerrif Station for needed rest.[5]

Battle of Coruscant and Order 66[]

Shortly after their time stationed on Nerrif Station, the Battle of Coruscant began, which saw all clone commandos who were in the Inner Rim recalled to protect the planet. Niner was piloting the ship that Omega Squad had co-opted to return, running all communications with the air traffic controller once the squad made it back into Coruscant's atmosphere, noting the multiple warships that were new to the warfront.[5] Niner managed to get them through the planetary shield opening with the guidance of the controller, although a Vulture droid followed through and shot their vessel down. Niner had to force the vessel down and recovered Darman from under the console before the ship exploded. Niner and the rest of the squad managed to rendezvous with ARC Lieutenant Aven and Yayax Squad, tasked with defending the news station.[5] The squad defended the facility for several days until the battle ended. Once the battle ended, Omega Squad remained on the planet, split into two groups to assist with law and order against looters.[5] Niner and Darman were deployed together when they received Contingency Order 66, the order to execute all Jedi Command. Niner managed to keep Darman levelheaded, as he and Tur-Mukan were in a secret relationship. Niner and Darman rendezvoused with Skirata, who had the rest of their clan ready to depart to Kyrimorut, a refuge for clone deserters from the Grand Army. However, they waited on Tur-Mukan before their departure. While Skirata, Darman, Niner, Corr, and Atin waited her return, they saw a struggle occur, where Tur-Mukan was killed. Darman lost his mind for a moment, while Skirata went through a killed several Jedi. Corr and Atin pulled him back to the ship, Aay'han, before he attracted more attention. However, in the following struggle, Niner was injured, with his spine being severed by a lightsaber. Darman called for medevac, waiting until it arrived. However, Niner was furious that Darman would wait for him, as his son was aboard the ship. Niner felt an immense amount of guilt for Darman's decision, despite the circumstances.[5] While the rest of the clan deserted, Niner and Darman were forced to remain behind.[5]

Imperial Service[]

Three weeks following the reorganization of the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire, Niner and Darman were reassigned to serve in the Imperial Commando Special Unit with previous clone commandos and ARC troopers, specifically placed in Squad 40 with former members of Galaar Squad, Ennen and Bry.[6] Niner had a difficult time with the new squad, although his rank remained the same, he found it hard to balance out Darman's emotional pain with Ennen and Bry's difference in culture, as well as their personalities.[6] The squad were ordered to rendezvous with Imperial command at the landing platform, Sa Cuis, to brief for their upcoming operation. Niner, known as being the paranoid one of his squad, took that as a sign of distrust, especially considering half of his prior squad deserted. The squad was briefed on an operation, where they were tasked with locating and capturing an Antarian Ranger known as Jilam Kester, who may have information about rogue Jedi.[6] Squad 40 deployed to the planet of Celen, locating Kester's base in the city of Chelpori. Niner ordered Bry and Ennen to secure the back exit of the building, while he and Darman took the front, both preparing to breach the facility with explosives. The squad entered the facility, sweeping through each room until they had narrowed it down to two rooms. The squad entered one of the rooms to discover that Kester was not present at all, but that former Jedi General and Director of the Special Operations Brigade Iri Camas was using the base. A brief battle ensued, with resulted in Bry's death and Camas' sacrificing himself by destroying the base. While Ennen worked on trying to resuscitate Bry, while Niner rushed back inside for valuable intel that had been located in the terminal Camas had been operating.[6] Following the operation, Niner and Darman were ordered to take the data they had recovered to a police officer, which turned out to be Jaller Obrim, an ally during the Clone Wars. Obrim reviewed the information before speaking to Niner in code, secretly handing the information back to him. Obrim had also sent a secret signal to Skirata, who arranged for Niner's helmet to be outfitted with a secure comlink so he could communicate with the clan. Eventually, Niner managed to get the intel to the Nulls in a botched escape attempt, covering their retreat by executing a 'truck thief with his grenade attachment.[6]

Following the operation, the squad had Bry cremated, in respects to his culture's beliefs. Squad 40 was assigned a replacement for Bry, a Spaarti-produced clone trooper known as Rede, who had been born and flash-trained within the span of a year.[6] Niner was tasked with a new goal of uniting the squad, despite the difficulty with Ennen. Rede, however, was extremely willing to learn and imitated Niner's language and traits. The squad was tasked with eliminating a reported Jedi in the Coruscant lower levels, deploying through a LAAT/i. The squad tracked him to a diner, with Imperial Police ready to reinforce them. Once they entered, Ennen killed the reported Jedi. However, upon further investigation, the reported Jedi was a simple thief who had stolen the lightsaber.[6] Upon returning to the 501st Headquarters, Ennen entered the refreshers and committed suicide. Niner called for a medic, someone to declare him legally dead, although it was clear to him that nothing more could be done. When receiving a briefing about the situation, Niner opted to remain a three man squad, to allow for Rede to adjust properly. The squad were then deployed to the Coth Fuuras space station to locate Jedi Knight Borik Yelgo. During the operation, they cornered Yelgo and offered him the opportunity to surrender, which Yelgo declined. In the ensuing firefight, Yelgo was killed by Rede with two shots to the head.[6] The squad were congratulated on the victory, the first they had achieved without loss.[6] Niner correctly predicted that Darman would lose control when he learned that the Jedi are on Mandalore being kept safe by Kal within proximity of his son, threatening to come after Jusik if the Jedi took his son away. Later, Darman convinced Roly to allow them to go to Mandalore, using it as both an excuse to desert and to find as many Jedi as possible to keep his son safe.[6]

Personality and Traits[]

Niner, being a clone of Jango Fett, received multiple genetic traits from the Mandalorian bounty hunter, including brown eyes, black hair, and the height of 1.83 meters. However, a majority of the personality traits that he had inherited had come from his surrogate father, Kal Skirata, a Mandalorian who operated as his training sergeant and influence. Niner was known for replicating a lot of Skirata's mannerisms, including clicking his teeth when he was anxious.[4][6] Niner was known for attempting to be the squad leader in both rank and principle, which could be seen throughout his tenure in Omega Squad, as well as Squad 40.[4][6] Niner was regarded as paranoid, which he rationalized is what had kept him alive throughout the war and during his time with the Empire.[6] Niner was known for his cautious approach to battle and engagements.[6] He was also known to be extremely loyal, however, not dedicated to the Republic, as evidenced by his agreement to desert during the Battle of Haurgab.[5] Although, this was after much internal debate, following his reaction to Sull's desertion and his argument with A'den about the topic, as well as deciding that he would not be the only one left behind when his squadmates were determined to follow Skirata and the rest of their clan to that end.[4][5]

Armor and Equipment[]

Niner was equipped with Katarn-class commando armor in all three versions throughout the duration of the Clone Wars, starting with Mark I with no markings except the gray coating.[1] By the time of the Galactic Spaceport Siege, Niner's armor was lined with blue trim and four dots on his chest plate, denoting his rank as a sergeant. [3] Ten months into the war, Niner and the rest of the squad were outfitted with Mark II black coated armor after the specifications that Omega Squad gave after their operation on Qiilura, conveniently during their operation of the snow-covered Fest.[2] By the end of the war, he was outfitted with the Mark III version, however, his armor remained matte black alongside the rest of his squad.[5] When the Galactic Empire came to power, Niner and the remaining commandos were outfitted with new armor, specifically a new helmet, to replace the prior regime's image.[6] He was armed with the DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System and DC-15s side arm blaster throughout the war, utilizing them regularly.[6]


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