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"Are you sure? We don't want to make things worse..."
―Nerrif Station

This page currently contains information that has never been confirmed. However, it is self-evident that it is true. See the "Other" section for more info on the speculation.

Nerrif Station


During the Clone Wars


Mid Rim

Areas within:

Docking platform

  • Cabin 1761

Relief Crew Area
Med deck
Mess decks


Clone Wars

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Nerrif Station was a docking platform and resupply base used by the Grand Army of the Republic and Republic Navy. This space station was so large it was used for a quarter of the Mid Rim.


Nerrif station was built during the Clone Wars and operated for a quarter of the Mid Rim. It was used at least up to 19 BBY, and it was once used for Omega Squad, Delta Squad, and Vevut Squad for a rest on their journey back to Coruscant.


One of the most important areas of Nerrif Station was the docking platform; it was huge, and could hold several vehicles at once. One level under was the med deck, which housed several injured clone troopers. The base also had multiple mess decks, one main one around the med deck and another on N-deck. The relief crew area was used for briefings. K-deck was a level, and it had refreshers. N-deck contained quarters, specifically officer quarters, like Jedi Commander Etain Tur-Mukan's quarters, Cabin 1761. There are several other decks on the space station.

Astrological Location[]

Nerrif Station was located in the Nerrif System, in the Vilonis Sector, Mid Rim. Its coordinates were 0-16.[1]


  • Because the base is called GAR Station Nerrif, it can be concluded that it was built for the Grand Army, and therefore was built during the Clone Wars.


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