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This is a Class 3 article.

Muzzle, born Alpha-66 or simply A-66, was a clone ARC trooper captain[3] that served in the Grand Army of the Republic.[4]


Muzzle served in the Grand Army of the Republic as an ARC trooper.[4] He was apart of the Alpha-class ARC trained by Jango Fett himself. Muzzle, like most of the ARCs, were trained to think for themselves and, un-like the regular troopers, weren't loyal to anyone. Near the end of the conflict of the war, the ARC gave himself the name "Muzzle".[5]

After the Clone Wars ended and Order 66 was initiated, Muzzle, like several Alpha-class ARCs and all of the Null-class ARCs, left the Empire and decided to become a bounty hunter. Muzzle formed a mercenary group called Aurodium Sword. The group had Ubese, Human, and Wookiee warriors, including Snoova.[4] After the first Death Star was destroyed, the group was still active but being hunted. As part of its program of tracking rogue Fett clones, the rogue cell of the Imperial Security Bureau kept a close eye on Muzzle and his organization, considering their loyalty to the Empire to be undecided.[4]

Personality and Traits[]

The Empire were concerned with Muzzle, as he treated Wookiees, Ubese and other species as equals, a trait that was uncommon because it clashed with majority's humanocentristic views.[4] His outfit was an uncommon choice; the upper half was his pauldron and armor, while the outfits underneath were that of a Naboo palace guard.[4]


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