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Modified AT-TE
Modified AT-TE




Rothana Heavy Engineering[1]


13.2[2] - 22.02 meters[3]


5.32[2] - 9.57 meters[3]


5.02 meters[4]


6 Laser Cannon Turrets
1 Mass-driver Cannon


1 IM-6 battlefield medical droid
2 All Terrain Recon Transports


1 Driver
1 Navigator/Engineer
1 Gunner


20[1] - 38 clone troopers[5]


Clone Wars
Galactic Empire

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The Modified AT-TE was a walker-class vehicle, used during the Clone Wars. By 4 BBY, the tank was being used by three retired clone troopers on the planet of Seelos.[6]


The Modified AT-TE possessed standard traits of normal AT-TEs with a few additions. The tank was created by Rothana Heavy Engineering.[1] The length was between 13.2[2] and 22.02 meters.[3] The tank had a width of between 5.32[1] and 9.57 meters.[3] The height of the vehicle consisted of 5.02 meters.[4]

The vehicle also possessed the standard armaments including 6 laser cannon turrets and a single mass-driver cannon. The tank, during the Clone Wars, possessed a complement of 1 IM-6 med droid and 2 AT-RTs. It also possessed the capacity of holding between 20[1] and 38 troopers.[5] The tank also possessed a crew capacity of a pilot, spotter and five gunners.

By 4 BBY, the tank received several modifications, including a landing pad on the top of the tank, a deck around the vehicle to stand, as well as a crane. The tank also had hololamps around the vehicle.[6] The vehicle also had a kitchen and bunks.[7]


In the Clone Wars, the tank served during the wars with a full crew and complement. It managed to be maintained after the war.

By 4 BBY, the tank was on the planet of Seelos, being maintained and used by three retired clone troopers, all former high ranking officers of the Grand Army of the Republic; Captain Rex, Commander Wolffe and Commando Gregor.[6] The three lived in retirement on the planet, relaxing and slinging for Joopas.

In 4 BBY, the Spectres, a unit of the Rebel Alliance, also known as the Ghost crew, came to recruit Rex to join the Alliance. However, Wolffe did not trust them, as Kanan Jarrus was a Jedi Commander. Wolffe reported them to the Empire, despite Gregor having Garazeb Orrelios assist him in catching a Joopa, which he named Big Bongo.[6]

After catching Big Bongo, the group realized that there was an Imperial Probe Droid, which sabotaged the Phantom. Wolffe confessed that he informed the Empire, although he had good intentions.[6] The Imperials deployed three AT-ATs, commanded by ISB Agent Alexsandr Kallus. A sand storm came over head, which provided cover. Jarrus and his padawan, Ezra Bridger, located one of the AT-ATs in the storm, which Bridger destroyed.[8]

Once the storm cleared, Sabine Wren finished the repairs on the Phantom. After finishing them, Rex ordered them to leave, while they held the AT-ATs off. However, Ezra felt convicted that the three clones would not survive. The AT-TE rammed the lead AT-AT, head on. While waiting for the cannon's power to be rerouted by Gregor, Rex shouted at the AT-AT, soon realizing that he would be facing his final moments. However, the Phantom flew around, with Ezra, Kanan and Zeb boarding the other remaining AT-AT. They used it to destroy the final AT-AT, which resulted in Kallus and the two remaining drivers to retreat.[8] Rex left back with the Spectres, while Gregor and Wolffe remained on Seelos. The AT-TE was destroyed during the assault, but Gregor and Wolffe used the remaining AT-AT, which was now known as Joopa Base.[9]


Clone Wars

AT-TE Crew (CW):
DriverIcon CloneTrooperIcon CloneGunnerIcon CloneGunnerIcon
Pilot Spotter Gunner 1 Gunner 2
CloneGunnerIcon CloneGunnerIcon CloneGunnerIcon
Gunner 3 Gunner 4 Gunner 5

Galactic Empire

AT-TE Crew (GE):
RexIcon2 WolffeIcon2 GregorIcon
Rex Wolffe Gregor


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22 - 19 BBY
Clone Wars
Assault on Seelos


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