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Mixx was a clone trooper corporal that served in the Grand Army of the Republic under the command of Jedi General Depa Billaba, Commander Grey, and Captain Styles.[3]


Mixx was a clone trooper who was born in 32 BBY on the water planet of Kamino,[2] cloned from the genetic template of the infamous bounty hunter Jango Fett.[1] Mixx received basic training and eventually graduated, receiving the rank of Corporal.

After the decimation of Jedi General Depa Billaba's battalion, with only Commander Grey, Captain Styles, and Corporals Big-Mouth and Soot remaining, Mixx and an entire new battalion were assigned to fight under the aforementioned forces.[3] Mixx, as well as Corporal Kaylon and Lieutenant Remo, were the only veterans enlisted into Grey's new battalion, with the rest of the forces all being rookies.[3]

Mixx and his unit were deployed to Kardoa and was assigned to lead one of his own five squads. Their forces were deployed to recon the planet and determine whether or not the Separatists had any forces there or not.[3] In an unfortunate turn of irony, the Separatists had also deployed forces to recon the planet for Republic forces. The Separatists attacked one of their units, which was being led by Billaba and Big-Mouth. Mixx and the other units were also likely attacked.[3]

Mixx would also be deployed to Mygeeto with the battalion, fighting in the third battle for the planet. Mixx was likely fighting on the ground like a majority of the battalion's forces. While Billaba, Grey, Jedi Commander Caleb Dume, and Stance fought on several platforms.[4] Mixx would end up surviving the battle, but the battalion suffered the loss of numerous troopers, among them Stance.[4]

Months later, the battalion was deployed to the Conquest of Kaller, where the unit fought off an army of Separatist battle droids, specifically B1 battle droids. Mixx was among the unit, fighting with the Jedi and his brothers. One night, during the deployment to the planet, the unit received Order 66. Upon receiving the Order, the troopers opened fire. Billaba and Dume attacked them instantly, killing many troopers they had once fought beside. Mixx was decapitated by Billaba's lightsaber.[5]

Personality and Traits[]

Mixx was a clone trooper who was cloned from the genetic template of bounty hunter Jango Fett. The trooper had black hair, brown eyes, and a height of 1.83 meters.[1]

Armor and Equipment[]

Mixx possessed Phase II clone trooper armor and a DC-15S blaster carbine.


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