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Mayday's squad

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Date founded:

32 BBY

Date dissolved:

18 BBY




Commander Mayday

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Clone Wars
Galactic Empire

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Mayday's squad was a small unit of clone troopers under the command of Commander Mayday during the Clone Wars. Once the war was over, however, the squad served in the Galactic Empire until 18 BBY.


Mayday's squad was deployed in the Clone Wars, serving as a loyal unit in the Grand Army of the Republic throughout the duration of the conflict. However, shortly following the reorganization of the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire, the clone troopers were decommissioned due to destruction of Kamino's Tipoca City and other relevant cities, at the order of Vice Admiral Rampart. Mayday's squad had been previously deployed to the planet of Barton IV to secure the Imperial supply depot in 19 BBY, before the decommissioning. However, once the clone troopers were decommissioned, Mayday's squad were still in active duty.[1] In the time between being stationed on the planet and the arrival of an Imperial inspection, Mayday's squad suffered heavy casualties, losing at least eight men in the process.[2] In 18 BBY, Mayday sent a distress signal to the Empire, which eventually was acknowledged after thirty-six rotations. The Empire dispatched Lieutenant Nolan alongside clone commando Crosshair and a small unit of stormtroopers to the planet of Barton IV.[1]

Once they arrived, the unit entered the facility, with Nolan scoffing at the lack of upkeep of the facility. Mayday was unbothered by Nolan's disdain, mainly due to the lack of communication from the Empire. With the casualties that the squad had sustained during that time from poor climate conditions and local marauders, Mayday's desire to serve the Empire had faded since they had seemingly forgotten about him and his men.[3] By this point, only he, Hexx, and Veetch had survived from the conditions, with their armor being held together by minimal wraps and tapes. In a standard perimeter sweep, Mayday and Crosshair got acquainted, while Hexx and Veetch surveyed a different region. During their sweep, the local marauders attacked, killing Hexx and Veetch, while Mayday and Crosshair pursued. However, the two failed initially, while the marauders got away with Imperial gear.[3] Nolan reprimanded the two for failing and dispatched them to find the stolen gear. Crosshair and Mayday made their way through the tundra and eventually destroyed the marauder camp and discovered the equipment was Stormtrooper armor, equipment for the clones replacements. This enraged Mayday, as they had spent thirty-six rotations without proper equipment, which would have been far more valuable for them to use.[3]

However, once the marauder camp was destroyed, an avalanche ensued, with Mayday and Crosshair being engulfed in the natural event. Crosshair dug himself out and managed to find Mayday, who had been critically injured in the avalanche. The two managed their way back to the Imperial base, to receive no aide or assistance from Nolan or the stormtroopers. Mayday perished there on the runway, death from his gear's insufficient quality. Crosshair would kill Nolan in an act of retribution for Mayday.[3] With the death of all its members, the squad was disbanded.[3]



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