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"After all the clones have done... all we sacrificed. We're good soldiers. We followed orders. And for what?"

Mayday was a Commander that served within the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. Following the transition from the Galactic Republic to the Galactic Empire, Mayday and his squad were stationed on Barton IV protecting shipments that the Empire stored on the planet.


Mayday was born in 32 BBY on the water planet of Kamino, cloned from the genetic template of Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett.[1][2] Mayday received basic training on Kamino, eventually graduating and achieving the rank of Commander and received charge of his own squad. Following the execution of Order 66, the end of the Clone Wars, and the transition into the Galactic Empire, Mayday and his squad were deployed to the planet of Barton IV to look over the outpost stationed on the frigid surface. While stationed on the planet, Mayday and his unit were attacked by local raiders multiple times until his squad consisted of himself and two others.[3]

In 18 BBY, Mayday and the remaining members of his squad, Veetch and Hexx, were visited by Imperial Lieutenant Nolan and clone commando Crosshair.[3] The Lieutenant began to ridicule Mayday for the poor maintenance and protection of the warehouse, inquiring where the rest of his men were, to which the Commander informed him of their deaths.[3] Nolan took control of the outpost, despite his lower rank. The Imperial ordered Crosshair and Mayday to patrol the perimeter. While on patrol, the outpost was attacked once again, with several crates being stolen, as well as resulting in Veetch, Hexx, and three other troopers' deaths.[3] Crosshair tracked the assailant to a nearby cave system, with Mayday following him closely. The two returned to the outpost, with Mayday discovering his remaining squadmates deaths. While mourning their deaths, Nolan rebuked Mayday for not protecting the shipments.[3] Since the shipments were stolen, Nolan ordered Mayday and Crosshair to pursue the raiders and locate the stolen Imperial goods.[3]

While navigating the ice cave system, the two discovered the corpse of the raider who Crosshair had injured earlier. The two continued through the system, with Crosshair setting his foot on a mine. Mayday examined the explosive and began working towards disarming it, making conversation as he did. He remarked that the Empire treated clone troopers poorly following the war, despite their noble service. He also felt that the task of managing cargo and supplies to be menial and degrading.[3] In the conversation, Mayday inquired about Crosshair's former unit, with the latter implying the squad had died. Once he disarmed the mine, he stepped around the corner and told Crosshair to slowly move off the mine. When the mine was clearly disarmed, the two advanced through the system to find the raiders' camp. The two began their assault after taking out two sentries, opening fire on the rest of the raiders. Eventually, Crosshair discovered several mines in a tactical position and fired upon them, destroying the camp as a whole. Mayday went to retrieve the shipment to discover that it was armor for Stormtroopers, while he and his men's Phase II clone trooper armor had deteriorated, being held together by mere cloths.[3]

Mayday expressed his disdain toward the Empire in more vocal terms following this revelation, disgusted that he and his men were treated poorly and left in squalor, while the new supplies were readily available. However, before he continue his ruminations, an avalanche had erupted, from the shock of the explosion of the camp. Crosshair and Mayday began to sprint across the landscape. When a rock came in their path and the avalanche behind them, Mayday pushed Crosshair out of the way to save him from the impact.[3] The two were engulfed by the avalanche, with Crosshair losing his helmet in the process. He dug himself out and did the same for Mayday. Mayday was critically injured from the force of the avalanche, telling Crosshair to leave him behind. Crosshair put Mayday's helmet back on and assisted him back to the outpost, traveling days in the cold.[3] Upon reaching the outpost, Imperial ships arrived to unload the warehouse of the supplies. Mayday and Crosshair collapsed on the runway of the outpost in exhaustion. Crosshair ordered Nolan to retrieve a medic. However, the officer declared that it would be a waste of Imperial resources and that Mayday and Crosshair were both expendable.[3] Mayday died on the runway, from his sustained injuries and exposure to the planet's environment. Crosshair, in a fit of rage, called out to the Lieutenant and executed him on the spot. However, he collapsed again and was taken into captivity.[3]

At least six months later, Clone Force 99 arrived on Barton IV, following a lead from Crosshair about an Imperial base with minimal security. Upon arriving, the unit discovered that facility was now abandoned, while the only operating component were the perimeter sensors. While investigating the facility, Crosshair split off from the rest of the unit, being followed by Sergeant Hunter, discovering that the Imperials had discarded Mayday's helmet and torn down the memorial to his fallen squadmates. In a symbolic gesture, Crosshair placed Mayday's helmet back in the nearby box, followed by the rest of the squad.[4]

Personality and Traits[]

Mayday was born with brown eyes and black hair, with the height of 1.83 meters, which was standard for clones of Jango Fett.[1] While stationed on Barton IV, Mayday lost all of his men, which he mourned deeply each of their losses. During his first encounter with Lieutenant Nolan, the Imperial demanded respect, which Mayday plainly stated that was something to earn rather than demand. He also expressed that experience meant more than status, calling Nolan's inexperience to light.[3]

While working alongside Crosshair, he expressed a dissatisfaction with the Empire's treatment of the clones, despite their status as veterans and war heroes. They were constantly denied requests for reinforcements and new equipment, which cause Mayday's nature to grow more cynical towards his commanding officers.[3] Mayday, not willing to see another brother be injured, rescued Crosshair from severe injuries, however, this resulted in his death.[3]

Armor and Equipment[]

Mayday was outfitted with Phase II clone trooper armor with no distinct markings. However, over the course of his deployment to Barton IV, Mayday's armor had began falling apart, to the point where he began wrapping the armor for warmth and integrity. He was outfitted with a DC-15S blaster carbine. He also carried small nails and a hammer, which he used to deactivate the mine Crosshair activated.[3]


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