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M3 Bulwark Blast Shield


M3 Bulwark Blast Shield[1]


Blast shield[1]


600 credits[1]

Used by:

501st Legion[2]
Doom's unit[2]


Clone Wars[2]

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The M3 Bulwark Blast Shield[1] was a handheld shield utilized by clone troopers during the Clone Wars. They were carried by the troops of the 501st Legion and a unit under the command of Commander Doom at the Battle of Ringo Vinda[2] in 19 BBY.[3]


The shield was made of reinforced plasteel. It was strong enough to deflect blaster fire and withstand explosive shrapnel or splinters,[1] but was also light enough to be held with one arm.[2]

The shape of the shield was roughly rectangular, but with slanted edges at the bottom and top. It was gray and had a large white Republic symbol painted on, though it was often marked by black spots due to hits from blaster fire. It also had a viewport near the top for vision. On the back, there were two vertical handholds running horizontally below the view port for a trooper to grasp. However, there was also a horizontal grip running vertically, allowing multiple ways to hold to shield. The height was up to the neck of a standing trooper when placed on the floor, and one had to kneel down for it to fully cover them.[2]


The blast shield was used by riot and military police, as well as security. Accounting for its substantial protection and size, it was often taken into particularly unruly areas.[1]

The shield was also carried by clone troopers in combat. It could be used in conjunction with a DC-15S blaster carbine: the shield would be held in front, while the trooper fired his blaster with his other hand.[2]

In addition, the shield could be deployed by a group of clones in a Sword and Shield maneuver: some would block the enemy barrage while others would trade blaster fire under the protection.[2]


  • The blast shields' shape and size closely resemble that of modern-day ballistic shields. It also has a viewport through the top, further boosting the resemblance.[4]


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19 BBY[3]
Battle of Ringo Vinda[2]


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