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Low Altitude Assault Transport/stealth
LAAT Stealth


Low Altitude Combat Craft


Rothana Heavy Engineering


17.69 Meters


17 Meters (Wingspan included)


6.1 Meters


3 anti-personal laser turrets
4 composite-beam laser turrets
8 light air-to-air rockets
2 mass-driver missile launchers


4 speeder bikes


Aerial Assault
Boarding Craft
Stealth Incursion


2–4 Gunners


30 passengers


Clone Wars

This is a Class 3 article.

Low Altitude Assault Transport/stealth, also known as LAAT/s, was a stealth version of the Low Altitude Assault Transport. The gunship was highly similar to one of it's brother models, a Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry, however, the LAAT/s was equipped with a hyperdrive.[1]


The LAAT/s had lots of armaments. It had three anti-personnel turrets, two of which were stationed in the front under the cockpit and one in the back under the wings. It had four laser beam turrets operated by gunners that were very useful and could destroy both aerial targets and ground targets. Eight light air-to-air missiles were used to destroy approaching enemy forces in the sky. Also, it had two mass-driver missile launchers in the rear of the vehicle loaded with homing missiles.

Inside the gunship, four military-class speeder bikes could be deployed, along with an IM-6 medical droid in the emergency kit. In an emergency, the cockpit could turn into an escape vessel and flee the ship. The ship was capable of holding up to thirty passengers, and handles were held by cables on the top of the ship to help steady the troopers during rocky flights. The one differing factor between the LAAT/s and the LAAT/i was that the former was equipped with a hyperdrive.[1]


The LAAT/s was only used on very specific occasions, hence why they were rarely seen. The specialized gunship was deployed to start the invasion of the Battle of Tirahnn, under the command of Jedi General Ezar Elasra.

The LAAT/s managed to sneak past the planet's blockade of Separatist ships, eventually making it into the planet's atmosphere. However, the ship was forced to crash land, with a small task force of Elasra, clone troopers, Republic agents, and Commando unit Aurek Squad.[1]

Quickly thereafter, a roggwart attacked the gunship and the contingent within. Luckily, the group managed to kill off the beast before any of them were wounded too severely. Aurek Squad would then deploy the LAAT/s' BARC speeder bikes in order to fulfill their assignment.[1]


  • Galaxy at War


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