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"All Level 13 clones please report to training room 27-A."
―Level 13 clones
This is a Class 2 article.

Level 13 was a level of training for clone cadets. One part of it had a large test, which helped to determine what type of trooper the cadets would be best fit for.


Around the year 32 BBY, clone troopers were bred to be the foot soldiers of the Grand Army of the Republic. Grown twice as fast, they were bred on the water-world Kamino where the Kaminoans created and trained the young cadets to get ready for war. In their training, they had at least thirteen levels to get through in order to pass and become a soldier.


"Today you will take a test—perhaps the most important test of your life. The results of this test will determine which role you will take when you are assigned to a fighting squad."
―Yan So, a Kaminoan teacher describing the test

Level 13 was the last level of all levels, and it required you to take a test to see what kind of a soldier you would become. All the other levels were combat levels with the exception of this one. The test goes like this:

Level 13 Test
All of the questions for the Level 13 test are available below.
Question 1
 1.   If you could carry only one tool on a mission, which would it be?
  1. a map of your surroundings (1 point)
  2. a thermal detonator (2 points)
  3. a portable FX-3 medical droid (3 points)
  4. a helmet with a built-in comlink antenna (4 points)
Question 2
 2.   The most valuable skill a clone soldier can have is the ability to:
  1. lead (4 points)
  2. heal injured soldiers (3 points)
  3. destroy (2 points)
  4. remain undetected in enemy territory (1 point)
Question 3
 3.   You and your squad are attacked by three super battle droids. It's a surprise attack, and two clones go down. Your first instinct is to:
  1. run to the injured soldiers and bring them to safety (3 points)
  2. search for the droid's command center to prevent another attack (1 point)
  3. lead the squad to cover and attack the droids from a safe vantage point (4 points)
  4. fire at the droids with a plasma detonator (2 points)
Question 4
 4.   Which of these would you rather examine?
  1. a blueprint of an enemy command center (2 points)
  2. the skeleton of a wampa beast (3 points)
  3. the enemy's battle formation (4 points)
  4. the inner circuitry of a Mustafarian blaster (1 point)
Question 5
 5.   Whic of these words or phrases best describes you?
  1. fearless (1 point)
  2. quick-thinking (4 points)
  3. intelligent (3 points)
  4. curious (2 points)
Question 6
 6.   What kind of planet would you like to visit on your first assignment?
  1. a planet in the middle of a war (4 points)
  2. a planet holding an intergalactic science library (3 points)
  3. a completely deserted planet (1 point)
  4. a planet filled with crowded complex cities (2 points)
Question 7
 7.   What is your preferred method of physical exercise?
  1. a course of unpredictable objects (1 point)
  2. a timed maze (2 points)
  3. a brisk hike with the rest of your squad (4 points)
  4. a series of exercises designed specifically to enhance your physical performance (3 points)
Question 8
 8.   What is your greatest physical talent?
  1. strength (4 points)
  2. speed (1 point)
  3. agility (2 points)
  4. endurance (3 points)
Question 9
 9.   You are on a mission, and a last blast comes out of nowhere, striking your squad leader. What is the first thing you do?
  1. Rush to his side and tent to his injuries (3 points)
  2. Take control of the squad yourself. A squad needs a leader. (4 points)
  3. Storm the enemy attackers before they take down any more members of your squad. (1 point)
  4. Scan the area to see where the attack came from. (2 points)
Question 10
 10.  What do you hope you will be doing five years from today?
  1. blowing up battle droids (1 point)
  2. planning surprise attacks with my commander (2 points)
  3. getting an award for saving the lives of my squad members (3 points)
  4. commanding a squad of my own (4 points)

After you have answered all the questions, you add up the points. If your point range is 10 - 14, you will be a regular trooper, or an ARF trooper. If your point range is 15 - 24, you are a demolitions trooper. If your point range is 25 - 34, you are a medic. And if your point range is 35 - 40, your specialty is command.


  • The Clone Wars: Decide Your Destiny: The Lost Legion


  • The Clone Wars: Decide Your Destiny: The Lost Legion


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