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Law's squad
Law squad

Unit type:





Jedi General B'ink Utrila
Jedi Commander Rennax Omani
Lieutenant Law

Notable members:



Clone troopers


DC-15A blaster rifles

Notable battles:

Draay 2


Clone Wars

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Law's squad was a squad of clone troopers that served in the Grand Army of the Republic.


The squad was sent to the planet known as Draay 2 with Jedi leaders B'ink Utrila and Rennax Omani.[1] They were sent to discover an ancient Sith artifact known as the Gauntlet of Kressh the Younger. The group discovered the temple and entered it.[1] They entered the temple and began searching for the artifact. While searching, Cannon asked Horns about the symbol on his helmet.[1] Horns explained that it was the symbol for Death Watch, which caused Cannon to argue with his squad-mate. Horns got extremely offended by this and yelled at Cannon.[1]

Several hours later, the squad would rest, while Omani and Glitch would be on watch. They would be interrupted as the squad and their Jedi counterparts would be attacked by none other than the Death Watch. The squad began to take coverfire at the Mandalorians, though one member of the squad, known as Glitch, tried to use the force.[1] Cannon berated his squad-mate for this. Death Watch kidnapped Omani, which forced Utrila and the squad to lay down their weapons.[1] Death Watch leader, Pre Vizsla, noticed the symbol on Horns helmet and offered to let the trooper join Death Watch if he executed Utrila. Horns declined the offer, which caused Vizsla to insult the trooper.[1] This allowed Glitch to pick up one of Omani's fallen lightsabers. Vizsla activated his own lightsaber, known as the Darksaber. Glitch was knocked down, and Vizsla berated the clone for trying to act as a Jedi. During the fight, they accidentally triggered a booby-trap inside the temple, causing it to collapse.[1] The Death Watch, Jedi knights and most of the squad were able to escape the temple, save for Glitch.

Glitch put on the gauntlet, which allowed him save himself from the fall. His brothers thought he had perished and discarded their helmets and mourned the assumed loss of their brother.[1] Glitch would later appear from the rubble and throw the gauntlet into a nearby river.


Law and his troops possessed purple markings on their Phase II clone trooper armor. Law had purple lines going down his helmet and chest, Cannon had what looked like tear drops on his helmet with little design on his armor, Glitch had two marks going over the visor, while Horns possessed the Death Watch symbol over his visor.[1]


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