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32 BBY


22 BBY


Human (clone)




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Clone Wars


Kosmos was a clone trooper in during the Clone Wars. He was responsible for helping slay a Zillo Beast that was attacking the Chancellor Palpatine.

History Edit

Kosmos was a member of a squad that was told to protect a lab that contained a Zillo Beast, a dangerous and big species that traces its roots to Malastare. As well, Chancellor Palpatine was visiting this lab to see what experiments that Dr. Boll was doing with the Zillo Beast. The Zillo Beast escaped from the lab and it was up to Kosmos and a handful of other troopers to stop the Zillo Beast. Kosmos dies trying to save Coruscant from the Zillo Beast.

Armor and EquipmentEdit

Kosmos was equipped with a DC-15A blaster rifle and wore Phase I Clone Trooper Armor.

Personality and Traits Edit

"If that creature is as powerful as they say, what good are these rifles gonna be?
Eh, shut up Kosmos!
―Kosmos and his comrade's final words
Kosmos was a very negative clone and believed that his blaster had no use agains the massive Zillo Beast. Other troopers did not like Kosmos's negative attitude, yet the troopers were able to kill the Zillo Beast.

Appearances Edit

  • CW Star Wars: The Clone Wars – "The Zillo Beast Strikes Back"
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