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Clone Wars

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Knuckles was a clone trooper that served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. Knuckles was assigned to serve in the unit known as Breakout Squad.


Knuckles was born in 32 BBY on the water planet of Kamino,[2] cloned from the genetic template of infamous bounty hunter Jango Fett.[1] Knuckles was assigned to serve in the Grand Army of the Republic and was placed in Breakout Squad.

In 21 BBY, Knuckles and Breakout Squad was assigned to investigate the planet Kynachi with Jedi General Ring-Sol Ambase. Knuckles and the other troopers had a push-up contest, which Knuckles won without issue.[3] The unit's ship was ambushed, however, quickly thereafter, by Separatist Vulture droids. Jedi Commander Nuru Kungurama and the rest of Breakout Squad were able to get into the escape pods. However, the pilots and Captain Lock did not make the landing and were killed when the ship exploded.[3] The unit managed to liberate the planet of the Techno Union and Overseer Umbrag. This led to the unit getting named Breakout Squad. The unit were able to acquire transport back to the planet of Coruscant by way of Captain Lalo Gunn and her ship the Hasty Harpy.[3]

En route back to Coruscant, the unit received orders from Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine to go to the Chiss Ascendency for a meeting at Defense Station Ifpe'a. They met Chiss Representative Aristocra Sev'eere'nuruodo to discuss an alliance and rescued her from a Techno Union attack led by Overseer Umbrag. After escaping into hyperspace, the unit became trapped near a black hole with Hethra Mcgrrrr's pirate gang. Kungurama and Breakout Squad managed to locate an ancient Infinity Gate with a pair of Sullustan xenoarchaeologists and use it to escape the black hole. Following their escape, the Representative went home, while the unit planned to return to Coruscant.[4]

During their second return trip to Coruscant, Breakout Squad was again contacted by Palpatine again and was redirected to Vaced to meet Kynachi's Commissioner Langu Sommilor and escort him back to Coruscant. However, upon meeting Sommilor, the commissioner was assassinated by a sniper quickly thereafter. Knuckles and the squad secured their perimeter, while Kungurama pursued the assailant. The sniper, who happened to be a Mandalorian, fought Kungurama off and escaped to his transport. He then engaged in a dogfight with the Hasty Harpy, which led to both ships crashing and apparently killing the Mandalorian. After the loss of her ship, Gunn parted ways with Breakout Squad. Kungurama located an imagecaster, which led to Breakout Squad to take Sommilor's freighter to Bilbringi Depot, where they clashed with Umbrag once more, and recaptured the depot.[5]

After Breakout finished investigating the depot and discovered that the Sommilor who had been killed on Vaced by an impostor. The real Sommilor was freed from his captivity in the freighter's hold. Chatterbox, one of Knuckles squadmates, was injured in the battle. Knuckles would donate blood, along with the rest of the unit in hopes that it would help Chatterbox's recovery. The unit traveled back to Coruscant via hyperspace. However, while en-route back, the captured Umbrag managed to grab hold of Kungurama and injure their ally Gizz. Umbrag was shot during his attempt which resulted in his death. Upon returning to Coruscant, Jedi General Harro Kelpura ordered their freighter to change course from the Jedi Temple to his lab in the Dacho District, which had been broken into. The ship was damaged in an impact with a dropship belonging to a bounty hunter. The ship crashed, knocking out several of the passengers and cracked Knuckles' helmet. Luckily, the ship was able to take off, which also led to Kungurama confronting his missing master, with Knuckles' assistance. Five days later, the unit was assigned to investigate the disappearance of the freighter Spice Siren, which was carrying munitions.[6]

Breakout Squad would also be deployed to a mission to escort Noggox the Hutt's freighter to Fondor. When they arrived at the rendezvous on Affa. During the deployment, they discovered the remains of a massacre. They continued their mission to Fondor, where they defeated the pirate Dool Pundar. Once there, Gizz befriended a blind Twi'lek Kuvata Pindi. Kungurama agreed to help her escort orphaned younglings to Foless. Upon arrival, the unit discovered Pindi was trying to steal the orphans and gave chase. Breakout Squad would free the orphans and killed Pindi in the fight.[7]


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