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c. 32 BBY[2]


5.5 ABY


Human (clone)[1]




1.83 meters[1]

Hair color:

Black[1] (Young)
Gray (Old)

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Colonel (Galactic Empire)
Group Captain (Galactic Empire)
Air Marshall (New Republic)




Galactic Republic
Galactic Empire
New Republic


Clone Wars
Galactic Empire
New Republic

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Klick, given the designation GC-1000,[3][4] was a clone trooper pilot that served in the Grand Army of the Republic's naval division.


Klick was a clone trooper pilot that was born in 32 BBY on the water planet of Kamino,[2] cloned from the genetic template of infamous bounty hunter Jango Fett.[1] Klick received basic training, as well as, pilot training, and eventually graduated. The pilot was deployed to the First Battle of Geonosis, surviving the battle, which he considered a source of pride.[3] Klick received his nickname by a Rodian Jedi Commander who did not understand humor.[3]

Klick managed to survive the Clone Wars and served through the Great Purge as well. He was enlisted into the Galactic Empire, which was unusual for a clone trooper, who were typically phased out around the time of the Empire.[5] After enlisting, he was promoted to Commander of a squadron and continued serving the Empire.[3]

After the Battle of Endor, and the apparent death of the Emperor, Klick was promoted to Colonel by Admiral Kraven and was deployed to take out Lord Shadowspawn. However, upon encountering Shadowspawn, it was revealed that he had received codes by the Emperor, which declared him as the chosen servant of the Emperor.[3] He was chosen to guard the throne of the Empire, while not appearing to be his successor. Shadowspawn, who was really named Cronal, explained a false story to Klick that led him to believe that Luke Skywalker was the heir to the throne.[3]

In 5.5 ABY, Klick was promoted to Group Captain by Cronal and was tasked with defending the electoral center at all costs. Moments later, he was given orders to seal the center and shoot anyone who came through. Shortly thereafter, the door was cut down by Luke Skywalker, with Klick realizing who he was. Skywalker ordered them all to surrender to the New Republic. Because Klick was under the impression that Skywalker was the heir, he was confused by the order, yet still applied it to his men. Since he was willing to follow Skywalker, he sided with the New Republic and received the promotion of Air Marshall.[3]

After receiving the promotion, Skywalker ordered Klick to jam all the communication systems and gravity well generators in order to issue the Imperial forces to surrender. With the comm system under his control, Klick addressed civilians in evacuating the decaying system. As the evac began, Klick led a company of troopers on board the Millenium Falcon. However, at some point, Cronal took control of one of Klick's new New Republic ally, Kar Vastor, and tried to kill Skywalker and Leia Organa Skywalker, his sister. However, Cronal departed from Vastor's body after failing in his goal and contained Klick's armor, as well as the New Republic defecting Stormtroopers not on the Falcon, and triggered their deadman interlock within, killing them.[3]

Personality and Traits[]

Klick like all clone troopers was born 1.83 meters in height, black hair, and brown eyes, which were all key components of Jango Fett genome template.[1] Klick seemed to be like most clones and followed his orders to the letter. However, when orders came to conflict with one another, he seemed to make the executive decision.[3] Klick, who was loyal, was led to believe that Skywalker was the heir to the Empire's throne, which led to Klick siding with him. Klick was 37 and a half by the time he died, biologically, but due to the clones advanced aging, he was 75 years old. The only trooper to be confirmed older than him is Kix, who was captured in 19 BBY and awoken in 31 ABY, which put him at 63 biological years old and 126 enhanced years old. However, due to his stasis, he maintained the appearances of himself at 13 biological years and 26 enhanced years.[6]

Armor and Equipment[]

Klick likely possessed Phase I and Phase II clone trooper armor, as he survived throughout the entire Clone Wars, a feat not many attained. Klick also possessed pilot armor, as he flew in the war as well. He also more than likely possessed the standard DC-15S blaster carbine or a DC-17 hand blaster which was stored in his ship. Upon enlisting into the Empire, he was given Stormtrooper armor and likely a E-11 blaster rifle.


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