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Keller’s Unit was a small group of subdivided men from the Galactic Marines, lead Commander Keller. During the time of the Outer Rim sieges, Commander Keller and his unit were trained in all fields possible, having that Keller was determined to make his men the best of the best. He selected his elite squadron by handpicking obedient and loyal clones.


In 32 BBY, Keller's Unit was created, when the rest of the Grand Army of the Republic was commissioned for service.[1] In 22 BBY, the GAR was deployed, his unit included. Keller and second in command, Charger, managed to survive through the Clone Wars.

Outer Rim Sieges[]

During the onset of the Outer Rim Sieges, Commander Keller and Jedi General Kai Huddora were sent to the Rim World of Toola to fight off Separatist incursion in the area. When Keller had received direct orders from Chancellor Palpatine himself to execute Order 66, Keller and his unit had moved against their Jedi General. Kai had slipped through Keller's fingers, fleeing to Ithaqua Station.[2]

Keller made it his priority to track down the Jedi, and to ensure the Jedi made no escape a second time, he had put the station under Martial Law. Its inhabitants were forced strict curfews, but even with these extreme measures, Huddora managed to slip past Keller's patrols and escaped on a transport set to Coruscant.[2]


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