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Katarn-class commando armor worn by all republic commandos.

Katarn-class commando armor was used by Republic commandos during the Clone Wars. It had three models during it's production: the Mark I, Mark II, and Mark III. It was equipped with a highly sophisticated HUD, as well as a significantly better shield than standard clone trooper armor.


The Katarn-class MK I was first used at the Battle of Geonosis, but after the death of almost all commandos, Kaminoan armor designers realized it needed a change. So only a couple months later, the Katarn-class MK II was released. Used by all commando squads, this armor proved to be far superior than standard  Phase I armor used by regular clones. But when Phase II came out, the Katarn-class armor also took an upgrade. The final model, the MK III, was also released in matte black, and primarily a stealth armor. 


The armor was designed for the user to survive for days, which is why it has a survival pack buit-in which includes rations as well as explosives. Coolant systems in the armor allow the user to keep cool in hot temparatures. An advanced HUD is also found in the helmet which analyzes the health of the wearer and the environmental conditions. Wearing the helmet, the user can see in pitch black and all infrared frequencies.
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Katarn-class commando armor matte black

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