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Sergeant Kal Skirata



20 BBY


Coruscant, Mandalore

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Kal Skirata's escape network was a resistance and escape network formed by training sergeant Kal Skirata, formerly of the Cuy'val Dar, in 20 BBY. The network functioned as an escape network for clone commandos and Advanced Recon Commandos who were planning to desert the Galactic Republic. A majority of the escaped troopers were Skirata's adopted sons.[1]


Kal Skirata, former member of the Cuy'val Dar, created a resistance and escape network to assist his adoptive sons desertion from the Galactic Republic in order to see them live normal lives on Mandalore, where he believed was their true home.[1] Skirata had adopted the six Null-class Advanced Recon Commandos and Omega Squad during the war, although this did not formally occur until far later into the war.[1]

In 20 BBY, while on an operation to the planet of Gaftikar, Omega Squad and A'den attacked a Separatist compound. In the attack, an explosion went off close to Fi Skirata, which resulted in intense brain trauma. Although his armor took the brunt of the shock, Fi was medically evacuated as quickly as possible to Coruscant.[2] While on the planet, Fi was denied the treatment needed, as he was viewed as an expendable asset. Coruscant Security Force Captain Jaller Obrim had grown fond of Fi, after he saved a squad of Obrim's men, which saw him assist Skirata and Besany Wennen, Ordo Skirata's girlfriend, in Fi's desertion.[2] Jedi General Bardan Jusik noted the treatment of Fi and the other clones, which led to his departure of the Jedi Order. Once this occurred, he joined Fi on Mandalore and assisted him in recovery by way of the Force.[2] Meanwhile, Corr, a clone trooper who the squad knew and had been cross-trained after a black operations mission on Coruscant, replaced Fi in Omega Squad.[2]

In 19 BBY, Skirata's network comprised of himself, fellow training sergeants Walon Vau, Mij Gilimar, Rav Bralor, and the Null-class Advanced Recon Commandos, as well as two deserted ARC troopers, Spar and Sull.[1] While his family grew larger, he began to slowly but surely get them off the planet. The family had secured transports to begin their escape and had set the date for their departure, being 1,090 days after the First Battle of Geonosis.[1] However, Skirata deployed a few of the family to rescue Republic captives, namely his biological daughter Ruusaan Skirata and Separatist scientist Ovolot Qail Uthan, to reverse the clones' advanced aging process.[1] In the prison break, they also broke out Arla Fett, Jango Fett's sister.[1] With the heat of escaped prisoners, Skirata sent Mereel, Sull, and Spar with the escaped convicts to Mandalore in their first ship. Kom'rk and Prudii had reported intel on General Grievous and deserted thereafter, with Jaing following suit; all three heading to Mandalore.[1] Skirata secured Ordo, Omega Squad, Vau, Fi, Gilimar, Jusik, Laseema - Atin's wife, Wennen, and Kad, Darman Skirata's and Jedi General Etain Tur-Mukan's son.[1] While everyone was aboard the Aay'han, the group waited for A'den and Etain.

Ordo went to the Arca Company Barracks to secure any belongings Omega and his Null brothers valued, while Kal, Darman, and Niner went searching for Etain. While at the barracks, Ordo received Order 66, which saw the contingency of executing Jedi officers as traitors to the Republic. Ordo found a wounded Arligan Zey, who had been Jusik's Jedi Master, pursued by ARC Captain Maze. While Ordo attempts to reason with Maze, he departs soon thereafter, leaving Maze to deal with Zey.[1] Meanwhile, in the frenzy of Order 66, Etain was killed by a scared Jedi Padawan, which saw Darman, Niner, and Skirata begin killing any Jedi they could find. Darman was in shock. Niner, however, was injured severely by a Jedi, with his spine being damaged. Skirata managed to get back to the ship, without Niner and Darman. Darman ordered they depart then or they would never get out.[1] Niner ridiculed him for this decision later, although Darman ignored it as the pain speaking.[1]

Skirata and his crew departed Coruscant, heading for Mandalore. Once there, the entire group recovered and settled down, although Skirata was determined to find a way to rescue Niner and Darman.[1] Meanwhile, Bralor had put the word out to some of her squads, with the former Yayax Squad deserting. Regimental Commander Levet deserted with their assistance, working alongside Etain during a battle in the Clone Wars.[2][1] Vau, meanwhile, went to Kashyyyk, where Delta Squad had been deployed last in search for Sev in case he had survived.[1][3] Meanwhile, while Skirata, the Nulls, and the remaining Omega Squad members figured out how to rescue Darman and Niner, Ordo received communication from Maze, in need of a rescue.[3] Jusik and Ruusaan took a ship to rescue Maze, while Nyreen Vollen, a close friend of the Clan Skirata, escorted four of the Nulls to Coruscant to rescue Darman and Niner.[3] However, all they had managed to do was retrieve information Niner had secured, as Darman could not face Skirata and his son after Etain's death and Niner would not leave him behind.[3]



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