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Jaing Skirata

Home world:



c. 32 BBY


Human (clone)




1.83 meters

Hair color:


Eye color:





Alpha-class ARC trooper


Special Operations Brigade


Galactic Republic
Clan Skirata


Clone Wars
Galactic Empire

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Jaing Skirata, also known as Jaing, N-10, and Null-10, was a clone that had Advanced Recon Commando training and held the rank of lieutenant during the Clone Wars. A clone intelligence unit, he deserted the Republic after its fall and joined Clan Skirata on Mandalore.

Personality and Traits[]

Jaing was very skilled with technology. Jaing was referred to by Kal Skirata as an "artist among data deceivers". With the skills that he had, he managed to put a virus in the Republic Treasury system, which pulled a half-credit from every account it came by, which made his father - Skirata - rich.[1]

Jaing, alongside his brother Kom'rk, had a unique tracking capability, which Skirata stated that they could "track a flitnat across the galaxy". Jaing and Kom'rk both managed to track General Grievous to Utapau, where later, the 212th Attack Battalion were deployed to capture him.[2][3]

Armor and Equipment[]

Jaing was trained more advanced than the standard clone trooper. As an Advanced Recon Commando, Jaing was one of the original 12 of a batch of troopers bred for the ARC program. Half of the batch did not survive, which left Jaing and his brothers, who were scheduled to be executed. Kal Skirata saved the six from death and trained them himself, which saw them become more ruthless and brutal in tactics. He was given Advanced Recon Commando armor and likely equipped with the standard weaponry.

However, later on, Jaing had equipped himself with a Verpine shatter rifle, which was his weapon of choice. After the suicide of Ko Sai, Jaing made leather gloves which he used from that point on.[2] Upon desertion from the Republic, he disposed of his ARC armor and equipped Mandalorian armor which he had paid to be forged.[4]


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22 BBY
21 BBY
19 BBY
40 ABY
Cross-training clone troopers
Locating General Grievous on Utapau
Hiking in the Bakura Sector
Order 66
Wedding of Mirta Gev and Ghes Orade


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