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"Are you sure? We don't want to make things worse..."
―Ion Team's comlink specialist

This page currently contains information that has never been confirmed. However, it is self-evident that it is true. See the "Other" section for more info on the speculation.

Ion Team's comlink specialist

Home world:



c. 32 BBY[2]


Human (clone)[1]




1.83 meters[1]

Hair color:


Eye color:





Comlink specialist


Ion Team[3]


Clone Wars[4]
Galactic Empire[5]

"The commander is on the freq now. Wants to speak to you personally."
―The spec-one informing Captain Climber of a transmission (pg. 24)
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This unidentified trooper was a clone commando who was a comlink specialist[6] and was part of the 22nd Air Combat Wing[3] and Ion Team.[3]


Early Battles

Prior to the Battle of Murkhana, Ion Team's comlink specialist participated in the Battle of Boz Pity and the Battle of Deko Neimoidia along with his team.[3]

Battle of Murkhana

"What's your situation, squad leader?"
"We're out of here as soon as the rest of the thermals are set. T-five at most."
"Retain a couple of thermals. Your team is to rejoin us soonest. We have a revised priority."
"Revised, how?"
"The Jedi are to be killed.
―Salvo informing Ion Team of the issuing of Order 66. (pg. 24)

In 19 BBY,[7] Ion Team was sent to the planet Murkhana, where they captured a human by the name of Idis. A member of the Vibroblade Brigade, he assisted the Corporate Alliance in protecting the crime-driven world of Murkhana. After the capture, the team was sent to a medical center where a shield generator was located, a shield that protected the city from the artillery. This commando was sent with Trace, General Bol Chatak, and Commander Olee Starstone to the upper levels, where they searched for patients. They found none, but ran back to the generator's level when they heard a blaster sounds. Ras, Climber, and Jedi General Roan Shryne had attacked a group of twelve mercenaries, and Climber was almost killed.[3]

After finding the generator and removing all the guards, the three Jedi were sent back to the command center, leaving Ion Team at the generator. Their new mission was to blow it up and allow Republic troops to enter the city. Before finished setting up the explosives to blow, this comlink expert was sent a transmission from Commander Salvo of the 22nd Air Combat Wing, who had new orders. It was revealed that Order 66 had been issued by Chancellor Palpatine, and the troopers were now ordered to kill their Jedi officers. Ion Team received the orders, but decided to not follow them and set an ambush for the 22nd's troops instead.[3]

When the Jedi arrived back at the command center, Salvo and his troopers were ready to surprise them. Unfortunately, Ion Team had triggered an EMP pulse, which deactivated the clone's armor and guns. The three groups discussed the new orders and decided what to do. The decision was made that the clones would let them go, but Salvo and his troopers were going to try and find them again. The Jedi left, and Salvo told the commandos of Ion Team that they would be killed if the Jedi were not found again. The Jedi escaped, and Darth Vader, the new leader of the 501st Legion,[8] arrived to fix the mess. He ordered that the commandos be killed, and Commander Appo of the 501st, along with Coruscant Guard shock troopers, hunted down the commandos and executed them.[3]


  • Although the Battle of Murkhana has never been confirmed to be in 19 BBY, it occurred during Order 66. Order 66 was ordered in 19 BBY, so the battle must have been in 19 BBY.


  • Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader


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19.43 BBY[4]
19.1 BBY[9]
19 BBY[3]
Battle of Boz Pity[10]
Battle of Deko Neimoidia[11]
Battle of Murkhana[3]


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