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Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Unit
Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Unit

Other names:

Hell's Hammers
112th Repulsorlift Armor Regiment

Unit type:

Special forces, armor


Strike to kill


High Colonel Zel Johans


Clone troopers (initially)


S-1 FireHawke Heavy Repulsortank
Imperial-class repulsortank
Imperial-class repulsortank Mk. II
Heavy recovery vehicle
Repulsorlift barge
TX-225 GAVw "Occupier" combat assault tank

Notable battles:



Clone Wars
Galactic Empire
Thrawn's confederation

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112th Repulsorlift Armor Regiment, later known more commonly as the Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Unit, or Hell's Hammers, was a special unit, which was created at the end of the Clone Wars and placed in the Grand Army of the Republic until its reorganization into the Imperial Military.


The 112th Repulsorlift Armor Regiment was created in 19 BBY,[1] the final year of the Clone Wars. The regiment was created from existing units within the Grand Army of the Republic.[2] When the Galactic Republic was reformed into the Galactic Empire and the enactment of Order 66, Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine declared himself Emperor over the universe.[3] The regiment was transformed into the Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Unit.[2]

Under Imperial reign, the unit's command was given to High Colonel Zel Johans,[2] with First Sergeant Jimmon Arbmab acting as a staff officer.[4] The Empire deployed the Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Unit, now known as Hell's Hammers,[2] into the Outer-Rim Territories to eliminate any resistance against the New Order.[1]

The unit would later be deployed into the Battle of Turak IV, as well as many other deployments during the initial reign of the Galactic Empire.[5] By 0 BBY, the Hell's Hammers were stationed on the planet of Jedha, acting as enforcers.[6] However, while the Hell's Hammers were highly capable of holding their own, one of their detachments was ambushed by the rebel Saw Gerrera's Partisans.[6] The rest of the Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Unit was evacuated from the planet before the demonstration of the Death Star's super laser.[6]

Throughout the rest of their commission, the Hell's Hammers were secluded on the planet of Brintooin under the command of Grand Admiral Thrawn, during his confederacy.[2] The Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Unit was stationed on the planet following the apparent capture of the planet, remaining as a diplomatic solution with the New Republic.[2]

Armor and Equipment[]

The 112th Repulsorlift Armor Regiment was well-equipped with heavy machinery, which included S-1 FireHawke Heavy Repulsortanks, Imperial-class Repulsortanks of both Marks I and II, Heavy Recovery Vehicles, Repulsorlift Barges,[2] and TX-225 GAVw "Occupier" Combat Assault Tanks.[6]


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