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c. 32 BBY[2]


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1.83 meters[1]

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Stormtrooper (Upon reenlisting)


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Hock Malsuum, originally born as CT-5539, was a clone trooper and eventually a Stormtrooper who served in the Grand Army of the Republic and later the Galactic Empire.


Early Life[]

Hock Malsuum was born in 32 BBY on the water planet of Kamino,[2] cloned from the genetic template of the infamous bounty hunter Jango Fett.[1] The trooper received basic training and eventually graduated and was deployed into the Grand Army of the Republic to fight during the Clone Wars.

The Clone Wars[]

Around 22 BBY, the trooper was deployed to an unidentified desert planet, where his unit fought off droid soldiers. During the fight, a Twi'lek Jedi General was severely injured and was knocked unconscious. Hock removed his helmet to hear for a heartbeat and told Red Team to provide covering fire for him to get the General back to a safe location and for Blue Team to engage in a flanking procedure.[3]

Upon making it to a LAAT/i, Hock grabbed a Z-6 rotary blaster cannon and fired out of the side of the gunship, covering their retreat. However, in the process, an enemy blaster bolt destroyed his helmet, giving him a scar over his right eye. Bewildered, he attempted to regain balance. However, with the moving LAAT/i, he was unable to. The Jedi General who was on board the LAAT/i saw he was losing his balance, yet blatantly ignored him. Hock survived the fall but was knocked unconscious.[3] He grew a hatred for the Jedi, while surviving on his own in the wilderness, eventually coming across a farmer who employed him as a laborer.[3] He adopted his last name of Malsuum as well.[4]

Joining the Empire[]

Many years later, he left the farm, after hearing stories by other locals about Darth Vader, a servant of the Emperor who had wiped out many of the Jedi, which instantly gained Hock's respect, due to his intense hatred for them.[3] He joined the Empire and gained Phase II clone trooper armor, which he customized with a red line over where his scar place on his face. During one of his missions with Vader and his unit, Hock managed to capture an entire pirate ship for the Empire and arrest its' crew.[4]

The Shrouded Offensive[]

Hock would be promoted to Commander soon thereafter.[4] Following his promotion, the unit was deployed to the planet of Ostor in the Outer Rim to take the planet for the Empire. Darth Vader had stayed behind aboard the ship and had placed General Rohn in charge. No reconnaissance had been done, which made Hock uneasy. Upon engaging the enemy, the Separatist forces on the planet were keeping up a banner, which called Rohn a derogatory term. Enraged, he ordered the troopers to advance and open fire on them. Hock quickly realized that it was a trap, as the enemy's seeming prime objective was to keep the banner up.[5]

Hock told the General to stop them from pushing forward, but Rohn did not listen. Hock ran to the back, where the General was located in an All Terrain Tactical Enforcer. He threw his weapon to the ground and threw his helmet at the viewport. Rohn attempted to have Hock arrested. However, Hock avoided the two All Terrain Recon Transports which aimed their weapons at him, grappled on to the top of the AT-TE, shot the gunner and the inhabitants of the vehicle and snapped Rohn's neck, calling him a traitor.[5] Following the battle, Hock was the only survivor. Because of this failure, both Vader and Hock were called before the Emperor. However, Hock pinned the failure on Rohn, which Vader greatly admired.[5]

Hock was redeployed to the second phase of the assault on the planet, from the seat of a V-Wing, leading Green Squadron. However, while fighting the battle, Hock was shot down by Kaddak, a former clone trooper known as the Mandalorian Anomaly.[6] Hock was brought into the city where the Separatist forces were based out of and he discovered that Kaddak worked with the forces. After attempting to reason with the forces' leadership, he retreated back out into the battlefield. He encountered Kaddak and engaged in combat with him, while the crowd around them cheered.[6]

By the end of the battle, it appeared as though Kaddak had beaten Hock. Despite the appearance, Hock wrapped his shirt around a rock and slung it into Kaddak's head, killing him instantly. At this time, Vader had made it to the city with his forces and extended a hand to Hock. Hock retrieved Kaddak's fallen blaster and went with the legion to destroy the Separatist forces there. However, upon witnessing Vader's destruction of city and the murder of many of its inhabitants, he realized that he had misplaced his respect. He left the planet and the Empire following the destruction.[7]

Farming and marriage[]

Upon going rogue from the Empire, Hock took up farming once again, eventually marrying a woman named Telia and fathered a child with her. Hock would go on to write a journal of all of the things he had done and witnessed, but in the end, he decided to cast it into the fire.[7]

Personality and Traits[]

Hock was a very pessimistic clone, as a result of his abandonment on the desert planet during the Clone Wars. Because of his abandonment, he grew an intense hatred for the Jedi,[3] which a trait he shared with Slick and a select few others, before the initiation of Order 66.[8] Upon enlisting into the Galactic Empire, he became a skilled fighter and eventually gained the respect of Darth Vader, which resulting in a promotion for himself.[4] However, toward the end of his career in the Empire, he realized his mutual respect for Darth Vader had been misplaced, as he watched Vader slaughter innocent and wounded Rebels. He left the Empire and would get married and journal the things he had done, with regret in his tone.[7]

Hock, like all clone troopers, bore a resemblance to Jango Fett, possessing traits like his height of 1.83 meters, his black hair, and his brown eyes.[1] After getting shot in the helmet, the laser bolt which destroyed his helmet and caused his abandonment resulted in a scar over his right eye.[3] During his time in the desert, his hair grew and became similar to a dreadlock fashion. When he left the farmer Malsuum, he cut his hair to look more like a solder.[2] Upon his desertion from the Empire, however, he again grew his hair unruly, but more straight than dreaded.[7]

Armor and Equipment[]

Hock possessed both Phase I clone trooper armor and Phase II clone trooper armor, however, his Phase I armor, he used during his time serving in the Clone Wars,[3] while the Phase II armor was granted to him during his time in the Empire.[4] He also possessed a set of Phase II clone pilot armor.[6] In service of both, he typically wielding a DC-15S blaster carbine.[3][5] However, during his final mission in the Clone Wars, he wielded a Z-6 rotary blaster cannon.[3] Hock was also a skilled pilot, flying a V-Wing into the Shrouded Offensive.[6]


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