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Home world:



c. 32 BBY[2]


Human (clone)[1]




1.83 meters[1]

Eye color:





Light Brigade Division[3]


Clone Wars

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HOB-147 was a clone trooper pilot that served in the Grand Army of the Republic.


HOB-147 was a pilot in the navy that was assigned to the Light Brigade Division.[3] 147 and his division were sent on a mission to fight the Separatists in a space battle. 147's fighter would be damaged and thought to be dead, but his ship's cockpit would be undamaged, leaving his life support active which kept him alive.[3]

147's fighter would be pulled into a scavenger ship owned by Hurd Coyle. Coyle believed the ship was empty and that he could scavenge parts of the ship and sell for spare parts.[3] Coyle was surprised to find 147 alive aboard the ship and put him into a the medical bay of his ship. Coyle had his reprogrammed battle droids to tend to 147. When he awoke, he attacked the droids and destroyed them with extreme prejudice and his bare hands.[3] 147 escaped into deeper parts of the ship, after finding a Jedi youngling. He followed her through the exhaust vents until falling into a storage room where he discovered the rest of the younglings.[3]

147 would be beaten up by the younglings, but they would stop when the youngling he first met, Nia, ordered them to do so.[3] They would explain that the clones had betrayed the Jedi, which 147 would recognize as Order 66 one of the many contingency orders they were taught from birth. Coyle would explain that he was helping the younglings escape the onslaught of the order. Soon after they explained this to him, a clone ship docked alongside the scavenger's ship.[3]

The clone commander aboard the ship would tell Coyle that they would be searching the ship. Coyle insisted there was no need, but the commander did not care. Only when 147 arrived did the commander listen. 147 reported that there were no Jedi aboard the ship and that Coyle had rescued him and nursed him back to health.[3] The clones departed from the ship, 147 included, and returned to the newly deemed Empire.

Personality and Traits[]

HOB-147, like his template Jango Fett, was 1.83, had tan skin, black hair and brown eyes.[1] 147 was strong-willed as he disobeyed Order 66 despite being trained from birth to follow orders and the chip in his brain.[3]


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