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Grand Army of the Republic

Other names:



Vode An (Brothers All)


Darasuum Kote (Eternal Glory)


Commander-in-Chief Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine

Notable members:

Clone troopers


Clone troopers and variants


Lots of vehicles
DC-15S blaster carbines
DC-15A blaster rifles
Thermal detonators
Concussion grenades
EMP grenade
Sanitary wipes
Medpac w/ synthflesh and bacta


First Army
Second Army
Third Mid Rim Army
Fourth Outer Rim Army
Fifth Deep Core Army
Sixth Negative Regions
Seventh Army
Eighth Army
Ninth Army
Tenth Army
Eleventh Army
Twelfth Army
Thirteenth Army
Fourteenth Army
Fifteenth Army
Sixteenth Army
Seventeenth Army
Eighteenth Army
Nineteenth Army
Twentieth Army


Clone Wars

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The Grand Army of the Republic, GAR, Clone Army, or Grand Army, was the group of soldiers headed by the Galactic Republic Senate that fought the Confederacy of Independent Systems with the Republic Navy. Made up of mostly clone troopers, they fought their way around the galaxy conquering and failing to conquer planets and systems. Led by the Jedi, they were bred on Kamino around 32 BBY and were grown twice as fast to be ready to fight in the Clone Wars from 22 BBY to 19 BBY.


Clone Wars[]

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22 BBY[]

By 22 BBY the GAR was ready for battle. They received their first mission, which was to rescue the Jedi and defeat the droid army on Geonosis. They were successful, though numerous Separatist leaders escaped. A full-scale conflict proceeded after that battle, and it came to be known as the Clone Wars.

21 BBY[]

During the first year of the Clone Wars conflict, General Anakin Skywalker lead the 501st Legion, a clone battalion of the Grand Army of the Republic under the command of Captain Rex to Teth so they could save Jabba the Hutt's son.

20 BBY[]

19 BBY[]

In 19 BBY, the final year of the war, the GAR was deployed to several different locations, including Mandalore, Coruscant, Felucia, Saleucami, Ringo Vinda and Kashyyyk.

Galactic Empire[]

Once the Galactic Empire was established the GAR was formed into the Imperial Army. All clones became stormtroopers and made up the Stormtrooper Corps.


The Grand Army of the Republic used many different kinds of vehicles.


The GAR used AT-TEs for artillery support and assault. AT-RTs were used for scouting. When the terrain was very unstable the large and vulnerable Unstable Terrain Artillery Transport was used. Other walkers used were the All Terrain Attack Pod (which was excellent when used as artillery), the All Terrain Heavy Enforcer which was a more upright version of the AT-TE, All Terrain Open Transports that were used for transporting cargo not fighting, All Terrain Personal Transports acted as light anti-infantry vehicles, and the All Terrain Experimental Transport that functioned as an assault vehicle. Some lesser known vehicles were the Clone Personal Walker, the Clone Scout Walker which was large and heavily armored, and the Heavy Clone Personal Walker that was a more heavily armored version of the Clone Personal Walker.

Repulsorlift Vehicles[]



Regular Forces[]

  • Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) ≈ 3,000,000 troopers plus support personnel
    • 10 system armies within
    • Led by Commander-in-Chief Supreme Chancellor Palpatine
  • Systems Army - 294,912 troopers plus support personnel
    • Total of 10 systems armies
    • 2 sector armies within
    • Led by High Jedi General
    • Example: Third Systems Army
  • Sector Army - 147,456 troopers plus support personnel
    • Total of 20 sector armies
    • 4 corps within
    • Led by a Senior Jedi General
    • Example: 4th Sector Army
  • Corps - 36,864 troopers plus support personnel
    • Total of 80 corps
    • 4 legions within
    • Led by a clone marshal commander and a Jedi General
    • Example: 327th Star Corps
  • Legion/Brigade - 9,216 troopers plus support personnel
  • Regiment - 2,304 troopers plus support personnel
    • Total of 1,280 regiments
    • 4 battalions within
    • Led by a clone regimental commander and a Jedi commander
    • Example: 101st Regiment
    • The Republic also had some regiments with 1,000 troopers
  • Battalion - 576 troopers plus support personnel
  • Company - 144 troopers plus support personnel
  • Platoon - 36 troopers
  • Squad - 9 troopers

Special Forces[]

  • Special Operations Brigade - 10,000 men
    • 20 commando groups within
    • Led by Senior Jedi General Arligan Zey
  • Commando Group - 500 men
    • 5 companies within
    • Example: Zero Five Commando
  • Company - 100 men
    • 5 troops within
    • Example: Arca Company
  • Troop - 20 men
    • 5 squads within
  • Squad - 4 men

Notable Units Within[]

Notable Members[]

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