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Clone commandos


DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon Systems
DC-15s side arm blasters


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Gamma Company was a training company housed clone commandos that served within the Grand Army of the Republic in its Special Operations Brigade.


Gamma Company was first organized in 32 BBY when the Grand Army of the Republic was commissioned by the Jedi.[1] The clones had been created by genome of Jango Fett, who had several clones selected to serve in a commando fashion. In 30 BBY,[2] he hired several people to train the commandos, including 75 Mandalorians and 25 non-Mandalorians, which included Corellians and other species.[2][3][4] These 100 were called the Cuy'val Dar, which was Mando'a for "those who no longer exist".[5]

One of the Cuy'val Dar, a Mandalorian named Kal Skirata, was tasked with training the commandos, with Gamma being one of several companies being placed under his command. Eventually, the unit graduated and they were deployed to the First Battle of Geonosis as their individual squads.[2]

Armor and Equipment[]

Gamma Company was equipped with Katarn-class commando armor, as well as DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon Systems and DC-15s side arm blasters. The company consisted of 144 clone troopers, which divided into squads of four, adding up to 36 squads.


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