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Foxtrot Group
An emblem on Gregor's chestplate, potentially signalling Foxtrot Group


Captain Gregor[1]


Clone commandos[1]


DC-17m Interchangeable
blaster system[1]

Notable battles:


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Foxtrot Group was a commando group within the Special Operations Brigade of the Grand Army of the Republic. It was attached to the 212th Attack Battalion and was deployed during the Battle of Sarrish,[1] though many of its troopers perished in that battle.[2]


Around 20 BBY, the 212th Attack Battalion was sent to the planet Sarrish after defeating the Confederacy of Independent Systems on Duro. However, despite several small victories,[2] the Republic forces were defeated. Captain Gregor, a commando in Foxtrot Group, tried to help injured troopers but had to retreat to a shuttle during the fighting. He crash landed on Abafar, and was listed as missing in action. Despite being lost, his wrist chip still identified him as part of Foxtrot Group.[1]

Units Within[]

  • Gregor's Squad[1]

Notable Members[]

Armor and Equipment[]

Foxtrot Group, consisting of clone commandos, were equipped with the DC-17m Interchangeable Blaster System. They also wore Katarn-class commando armor, which was very strong and resistant to impacts and explosions. They were allowed to customize their armor with tally marks and personal designs, though it is possible that the unit itself may have had yellow as their identification color.[1]


  • CW Star Wars: The Clone Wars – "Missing in Action" (Mentioned)


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c. 20 BBY[3]
Battle of Sarrish[1]


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