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The Fourth Fleet, also stylized as the 4th Fleet, was a clone trooper fleet that served in the Grand Army of the Republic within its Republic Navy during the Clone Wars.


The Fourth Fleet was a clone trooper fleet that served within the Grand Army of the Republic's naval division. The fleet was likely commissioned in 32 BBY, when the GAR was created.[1] The fleet was deployed during the Clone Wars.

In 21 BBY, the Fourth Fleet was deployed during the war but unfortunately, at some point, the Fourth Fleet was attacked by a Separatist superweapon, which was called the Malevolence. During the encounter, the Fourth Fleet would be destroyed, which the Republic had not been able to confirm what could have inflicted the damage.[2] Eventually, the Malevolence would be destroyed by Republic forces.[3]

Armor and Equipment[]

The Fourth Fleet was equipped with Phase I clone trooper armor and likely were equipped with several fleet ships and compliments of respective squadrons.


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