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Forward Air Controller

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Command, logistics


Clone navigation officers

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Forward Air Controller (FAC) was a force within the Grand Army of the Republic, functioning as a command and navigation unit, during the Clone Wars.


The FAC was a unit within the Grand Army of the Republic that served as a command and navigation unit, specifically for naval forces. The unit was implemented with clone troopers when the Clone Wars began.

In 19 BBY, the FAC was present during the Battle of Kashyyyk, controlling all starfighters and spacecraft during the battle. Once Delta Squad had paved the way for a majority of the forces, they were ordered by the FAC to evacuate the planet. However, Delta Squad had run into complications, which led to their sniper, Sev, being separated from the unit. The FAC was given the order by Jedi General Yoda, which they relayed.[1]

Eventually, the FAC convinced the remaining Delta commandos to leave, despite receiving complaints from Scorch and Sergeant Boss.[1][2] The FAC would later be incorporated into the Galactic Empire's forces.[3]

Armor and Equipment[]

The FAC was likely run by a majority of Clone navigation officers, rather than standard clone troopers. This meant that they were likely equipped with gray naval suits rather than armor.


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