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"Are you sure? We don't want to make things worse..."
―First aid specialist

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First Aid Specialist (FAS) was a position and role within the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. The position was held by only a few troopers during the war.


A First Aid Specialist does was the name implies, which is apply medical care and assistance to a wounded trooper or commando. When someone was injured, the Specialist took command and would heal them best to their ability.


The troopers who received the role of First Aid Specialist were all given medical training during their training courses on Kamino. Several troopers, including Coric,[1] Kix[2] and Fi[3] all received medical training, however Fi usually did not need to use his medical training, as people close to him forgot about that side.[4]

In 22 BBY, Coric was deployed to Teth with the 501st and Korbel was sent on a mission with Senator Padme Amidala to rescue Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi and Senator Bail Organa. Coric was one of the few survivors of his encounter on Teth, while it being a successful mission.[1] Korbel's Squad sustained no casualties and Korbel was able to treat Kenobi, as he had been injured.[5]

In 21 BBY, Kix and Patch were both deployed; Kix was deployed to Saleucami to investigate the crash site of the Separatist ship that had crashed due to the previous battle in the atmosphere. During the deployment, Captain Rex was injured - shot through the chest by two commando droids. Kix applied medical attention and informed Rex of the extent of his injuries once he awoke.[6] Patch was a rookiee when he was first deployed. His CO, Commander Vargus, was injured due to an encounter with an Wampa, so he treated him best he could, while Ace, one of his fellow rookiees, led the search for the missing legion, the 313th Legion.[7]

In 20 BBY, Fi used his medical training, to the best of his ability, to treat himself, as he was hit with an IED, which resulted in him receiving brain damage. He mistakenly treated himself as having a concussion, however his diagnosis was not far off.[3]

Several years after the Clone Wars, in 5 ABY, Oake was one of the few remaining members of the 1st Platoon, a retired clone trooper platoon that joined the Veiled Sorority as guards. By the end of an conflict with the Zann Consortium, Oake and four other troopers remained.[8]


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  • Although it was only confirmed for Coric to hold this position,[10] it can be assumed that additional medics would as well. Kix said as much in the episode of the Clone Wars, "The Deserter".[2] Therefore, First Aid Specialist is the position all medics within the GAR held.


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