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Fil's Squad was a squad of clone troopers that served in the Grand Army of the Republic. The squad, their commander Fil, and Jedi General Nahdar Vebb landed on the planet of Vassek in a Nu-class attack shuttle after tracking a republic ship to the planet.[1] It was discovered to be Separatist Nute Gunray was hiding. The squad rendezvoused with Jedi General Kit Fisto, before entering the lair.[1] Fil ordered Bel and Niner to stay and defend the shuttle.[1] The remaining troopers, Fil, Fisto and Vebb entered the lair and encountered several battle droids. After discarding the droids, they discovered it was a trap. Gunray was not present. They discovered that it was Grievous' lair. Vebb thought it would be a great idea to set a trap for Grievous.[1]

Fil's troopers

The troopers would ambush Grievous. This resulted in the death of two troopers in Fil's squad. The death of two troops made Vebb visibly sad. After the death of the two troopers, Fil contacted Niner and Bel and told them to call for backup. The two would embark into the shuttle, only for it to be blown up by MagnaGuards, immediately after they boarded.[1] Fil, Fisto, Vebb and another trooper would embark further, until the floor dropped out from under them. Fisto and Vebb would be safe, but Fil and the trooper would fall. Fil had enough time to grab his ascension cable and attach it to his DC-17 hand blaster. The other trooper was not so fortunate and plummeted to his death in a carbonite vat. Fil and the Generals would go further into the lair until they came to a three-way intersection. The three formed up back-to-back before a door would open, revealing a Roggwart pet of Grievous' named Gor. The three would battle it before the creature grabbed Fil and slammed him to the ground, killing him instantly. Fil's squad would be disbanded after the death of himself and all his men.


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  • CW Star Wars: The Clone Wars – "Lair of Grievous"


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