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Fifth Deep Core Army

Other names:

Fifth Army
5th Sector Army
Shadow Hand Command


Grand Moff Gann


Clone troopers

Notable battles:

Odik system


Clone Wars
Galactic Empire

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Fifth Deep Core Army, also known as the Fifth Army, the 5th Sector Army, and Shadow Hand Command, was a clone trooper sector army that served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars.


The Fifth Deep Core Army was a clone sector army and was one of 20 sector armies within the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. The 5th was specifically stationed at the command position of the Odik system.[1] The sector army consisted of 150,000 clone infantry units initially but grew even more exponentially as more units were commissioned for the war effort. The 5th Sector Army was under the command of a Governor-General, as well as a Jedi General.[1]

Though the Fifth Deep Core Army was stationed in the Odik system, they served as one of six reserve sector armies and was initially deployed to garrison the Deep Core. Though a majority of the forces within the Fifth Army were transferred to more active regions of the war, the sector army maintained a skeleton crew to keep tabs on the Deep Core.[1] Following the execution of Order 66 and the reorganization of the Republic into the Empire,[2] a decree was written that gave several Grand Moffs jurisdiction commands over the 20 sector armies.[1] The Fifth was placed under the command of Moff Gann, who would later be promoted to Grand Moff.[1]

Armor and Equipment[]

The Fifth Deep Core Army would have been equipped with Phase I clone trooper armor and Phase II clone trooper armor throughout the Clone Wars, with the implementation of Stormtrooper armor coming in with the Empire's creation.


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