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Faie's unit
Faies Unit



Notable members:

Bogey 1212
Bogey 3856
Bogey 4409
Bogey 5632
Bogey 9662
BARC trooper


Clone scout troopers


Clone scout armor
DC-15A blaster rifle
DC-15S blasters
BARC Speeders


Bogey Squad


Clone Wars

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Faie's unit was a clone trooper unit during the Clone Wars and fought in the Grand Army of the Republic.


Faie's unit was a unit lead by Commander Faie. The unit survived the Clone Wars and the battle of Kashyyyk.[1] The troopers within the unit and it's subdivision, Bogey Squad, all survived the battle.[1] After the battle, Chancellor Sheev Palpatine ordered contingency Order 66, the order to execute the Jedi. The three Jedi present at the Battle of Kashyyyk, Yoda, Quinlan Vos and Luminara Unduli, all somehow managed to survive, although the squad shot Unduli and Vos in the chest.[2][3] Yoda, however, managed to escape.[1] Vos, before being injured, killed all the members of Bogey Squad and Faie. Faie, however, injured Vos and shot him in the stomach. Vos burned the body of Faie in his robes, so the remainder of his Faie's unit would no longer hunt him.[3]


Faie's unit Navigation:
FaieIcon ScoutTrooperIcon ScoutTrooperIcon ScoutTrooperIcon
Faie Bogey 1212 Bogey
Bogey 4409
ScoutTrooperIcon ScoutTrooperIcon ScoutTrooperIcon
Bogey 5632 Bogey 9662 Bogey Squad's BARC trooper


  • Republic 82: Hidden Enemy, Part 2 (Possible appearance)
  • Republic 83: Hidden Enemy, Part 3
  • Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (Possible appearance)


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