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Execute Battalion


Jedi General Anakin Skywalker
Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano
Captain Rex


DC-15A blaster rifle
DC-15S blaster carbine

Notable battles:



Clone Wars

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"Execute Battalion, take ATAT300, Carnivore Battalion take Walker 773, let's go!"
―Rex to Execute and Carnivore Battalions

Execute Battalion was a clone trooper battalion that served in the Grand Army of the Republic.


The battalion was a part of 501st Legion.[1] Execute Battalion was sent to the planet of Devaron to save Jedi General Bolla Ropal from the Separatists to preserve the Kyber memory crystal.[1] The 501st were contacted by the 612th Attack Battalion that the Separatists had taken General Ropal, right before the trooper contacting them was killed.[1]

Execute Battalion were waiting in the hangar bay of the Resolute, while Jedi General Anakin Skywalker devised a plan.[1] Skywalker decided to use the AT-TE walkers to board the frigate Ropal was being held on. Captain Rex ordered Execute Battalion to take ATAT300, while Carnivore Battalion to take Walker 773.[1]

The battalions boarded the frigate using the walkers.[1] The battalions fought off the droids on the outside of the frigate, and would enter the frigate's bridge and take out the droids there as well. A few men were sent to the hangar to recover a ship, while the rest located Ropal. They discovered he was dead, and a few men took the body back to the Resolute.[1] The battalion fought in the artillery area, against Cad Bane, the bounty hunter who had captured Ropal, as well as a battalion of battle droids. The battalion fought the droids, but took a few casualties.[1] A battle droid would accidentally mis-fire and hit a proton bomb, causing the hangar to collapse on itself. Rex, Denal, and a few other troopers would survive the falling debris. Skywalker would order them back to the hangar so they could escape.[1]

Execute and Carnivore Battalions would rendezvous back in the hangar, along with the troops who had been sent to secure a shuttle.[1] The troopers fought off as many droids and cleared a path to get to the shuttle to evacuate. Rex sent Denal and Koho to assist the General, while he ordered the rest of the company into the shuttle.[1] Koho and Denal were killed, but the remaining members of Execute and Carnivore Battalions were able to escape.[1][2]


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