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Excelsior Company was a Company of clone troopers that served in the Grand Army of the Republic.


Excelsior Company was led by Commander Vargus on a mission to the snow-ridden planet, Ando Prime. The troops were met there by ARF trooper Falco, the squad's scout.[1] The Company split off into two groups, Falco, 44, 18 and 57 were sent to recon the 313th's last reported position, while Vargus and the others stayed with the ship. Falco would go off on his own, leaving the other three alone. 18 would comm Vargus and report that Falco had been gone for an hour without reporting in.[1]

Vargus and the other troopers would come to 18's position. But before they arrived, 18, 57 and 44 would be attacked by Wampas, snow creatures from the planet Hoth.[1] 18 and 57 would be able to move, but 44, who later be nicknamed Slug, was to slow and was caught by the Wampa. The creature grabbed him, but would drop him as Vargus began to fire at the creature. The creature would attack Vargus. 18 ordered Dom, the Company's weapon specialist to detonate a sonic charge, which would cause the Wampa to retreat because of it's sensitivity to sound.[1]

18 and a few others would go back to their transport to find a safe way to transport Vargus back to the transport. They would discover Falco's BARC speeder, on which 18 would jury-rig a stretcher to safely transport Vargus back.[1] They would bring the speeder back to Vargus' position, where it would be discovered that Vargus would have several broken ribs. Vargus had given 57 the nickname of Patch, as he helped patch him up.[1] After the squad transported Vargus back to the ship, he would tell 18 that Falco had reported in and that he found their last known location. 18 would be tasked with taking some of the Company with him to the location.[1] 18 would bring Dom, 23 and 35 with him to the facility. They met Falco at building 46-B and also met Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi and Commander Cody.[1]

Cody, 18, Falco and Dom would join the re-discovered 313th Legion, while Kenobi took the comm station. Kenobi did not succeed, which cause 18, Falco and Dom to take it out using pulse grenades and a confiscated tank. They used the tank to destroy several battle droids after disabling the station.[1] The mission was a success, and after the mission, 18 would earn the nickname of Ace by Falco.[1]


Two troopers were also given the nicknames of Recon and Demo, however, it is unclear which two troopers those designations were given to.[1]


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