Electro-Proton Bomb
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Clone Wars

The electro-proton bomb was an experimental ion bomb used during the Battle of Malastare. It released a strong electromagnetic wave that was capable of disabling an entire army of droids, although all technology within its range would also be affected.



The bomb's side profile

The bomb was roughly pentagonal in shape, with a tail, body and front section. It was painted white, gray and red with Aurebesh writing. Upon detonation, it produced a massive electromagnetic bubble, disabling all electronics within its blast radius.


Invented by Doctor Sionver Boll for the Grand Army of the Republic, it was intended to affect droids and electronic systems while leaving living beings unharmed.

Electro-proton explosion

The detonation of the bomb

During the Battle of Malastare in 21 BBY, Republic ground troops were almost pushed to their breaking point by a CIS army. As a last resort, the release of the bomb was carried out by Red Squadron's Goji, who dropped in right into the center of the droid units. After producing a massive dust cloud and explosion upon its fall, a large electromagnetic field was created, disabling both droids and clone tanks. However, an unintended side effect was the collapse of the ground beneath the battlefield. As the surface crumbled, many troopers and vehicles fell into the massive sinkhole.



  • The red Aurebesh lettering on the front of the bomb says "CAUTION ION DETONATOR", while the body says "CORE SWITCH DETONATOR POSITION". The back fin has a yellow hand-scrawled message saying "THIS IS FOR DOOKU".
  • The production name for the weapon was simply "the ion bomb".


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