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Domino Squad

Notable members:



Clone cadets


Clone cadet armor
DC-15A blaster rifle
DC-15S blasters
Z-6 rotary cannon
Ascension cables


Clone Wars

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Domino Squad was a clone cadet squad, consisting of five clone troopers, that were part of the Grand Army of the Republic.



They were born on Kamino as all the clones were and were stationed there around 21 BBY. In their training, they were failing and did not look like they were going to pass their graduation test and they actually did fail. However they got permission to attempt the test a second time and passed it with even their instructor Bric's approval.

Rishi Moon Station[]

After completing their training, Domino squad was sent to Rishi moon station where they came under the command of Sergeant O'Niner and became partnered with both Nub and CT-327. However, when a droid scout group attacked many of them were killed. CT-327 was on guard duty at that point and failed to report in so Sergeant O'Niner sent both Nub and Droidbait to investigate. They were both also killed by commando droids. To cover the rest of the squads escape Sergeant O'Niner sacrificed himself to save Hevy, Echo, Cutup, and Fives. They escaped through a ventilation shaft and ended up outside the base.  Cutup was killed by a Rishi Eel and only Hevy, Echo and Fives remained. Captain Rex and Commander Cody came to Rishi for an inspection, in the process meeting what was left of Domino squad. In the resulting conflict, Hevy then also sacrificed himself to alert Kamino of an oncoming invasion from the droid armada by creating an explosion that killed himself, and all the droids. Echo and Fives then went on to join Captain Rex (CT-7567) of the 501st Legion. Echo and Fives later went on to become Advanced Recon Commandos. Echo was thought to be dead in a shuttle explosion on Lola Sayu but unknown to republic he survived and Fives died as he discovered the true intention of the chips in every clone trooper's brain, leaving Echo as the only member alive.


CloneTrooperIcon EchoIcon2 FivesIcon2 CloneTrooperIcon CloneTrooperIcon
Hevy Echo Fives Cutup Droidbait


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