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Dogma, or CT-6922 , was a clone trooper in the 501st Legion, under the command of Captain Rex. He was in the battle of Umbara was placed under the command of Jedi General Pong Krell, who was later killed when Krell betrayed the clones he was commanding. Dogma was known for his complete loyalty to those in command.


Battle of Umbara[]


Dogma (right) with Tup (center) and Jesse (left) on Umbara.

In 21 BBY, Dogma, along with the rest of the 501st Legion, were sent to Umbara to prevent Separatist forces from taking over the planet and thus gaining a tactical advantage with Anakin Skywalker leading them. The 501st engaged the soldiers from the Umbaran military and defeated these enemies. The troopers were advancing towards the capital city of Umbara, when Pong Krell informed Anakin that he was needed elsewhere, which left Krell in command. Dogma, as with the other clones, accepted Krell's command and followed his orders.[1]

Pong Krell began to make poor combat decisions, which endangered the lives of the men under his command. Krell decided to proceed to conquer the heavily defended capital city with a forward assault. While Captain Rex and ARC trooper Fives stated their concerns about Krell's plan, Dogma stayed loyal to the Jedi.[1] After receiving a message from Obi-Wan Kenobi stating that attacking the capital city was going to be impossible due to supplies that were sent from an airbase. Krell decided to launch an attack from the airbase, many clones were were left uncertain that this plan would succeed. Dogma stood up for Krell stating that Krell's plan would work. The mission did succeed after Fives and Hardcase stole two Umbaran fighters and destroyed the enemies' defenses.[2]

After taking the airbase, the 501st worked through their defenses, holding the facility as Republic territory in the battle. Kenobi communicated with Krell and the 501st, informing them that long-range missiles were stalling them from making further progress in the assault and that they were being resupplied by a Separatist control ship. However, soon thereafter, the Umbarans jammed Republic communications, leaving Krell to make the decision. However, upon Rex's suggestion of his men co-opting more Umbaran fighters, which Krell declined, believing the job would be better suited for the Republic Navy.[3] However, when Rex returned to the hangar with Krell's orders, Fives, Hardcase, Jesse, and Tup were disappointed by the choice, as they had been able to use the starfighters previously and would be a far more tactical decision rather than take on the Umbaran capital while long range missiles were still in operation.[3] However, when Dogma arrived, Tup warned the rest of the men, which led to the topic being dropped.[3]

Dogma headshot

Dogma without his helmet

While Fives, Hardcase and Jesse were out with the starfighters, Dogma awoke to find them gone. Dogma woke Tup up and inquired where the others had gone, stating that they needed to inform Krell. However, when the two men were en-route to speak to him, Rex stopped them. However, once the control ship was destroyed, Tup and Rex rendezvoused with the surviving Fives and Jesse. The two renegade clone troopers were sentenced to death for treason by Krell, with Dogma being placed in charge of the squad to execute them.[4] Fives persuaded the troopers assigned to the execution squad, including Tup and Kix. When the troopers opened fire, they intentionally missed their shots, dropped their rifles, and walked away, while Dogma stood in shock. Later, Krell informed the 501st about enemy forces that had reportedly stolen clone trooper armor and gear.[4]

However, during the firefight, Rex discovered that the enemy was not Umbarans but brothers from the 212th Attack Battalion. Once that revelation came to light, Dogma and both the 501st and 212th were mortified to learn that they were killing brothers-in-arms as opposed to the enemy. Lieutenant Waxer, who was mortally wounded, told Rex about Krell's orders and Rex decided to arrest Krell. Upon organizing the men from the 501st and the platoon of 212th, Rex led the siege of the command center to remove Krell from duty. However, while the makeshift unit marched on the center, Dogma walked away from the group.[4] After fighting Krell, the former Jedi General was arrested and placed into Republic custody, as well as Dogma, who had attempted to stop the group from arresting Krell.[4] However, Krell revealed that he had fooled the troopers, due to a hatred for their existence and that he would desert the Jedi and the Republic in service of Count Dooku. Rex knew that Krell would be executed for treason before the Umbaran's arrived to take the base over once more. However, before Rex could shoot the former General, Dogma took Fives' sidearm and killed Krell. Dogma stated that he had to do it because Krell had betrayed them. However, Dogma was arrested after the events at Umbara.[4]

Personality and Traits[]

Dogma was a young trooper of the 501st Legion, known for his loyalty and being an ideologue for the Galactic Republic. Dogma was very devoted and not willing to disobey a single order, although at the suggestion of resting, he was willing to remain awake to aid in the defense of the makeshift camp.[1] In many ways, Dogma served as Jedi General Pong Krell's second-in-command, as Rex was disgruntled with the change of command. By the end of the campaign, Krell relied greatly on Dogma to accomplish the tasks he ordered.[4] After the 501st Legion took over the supply base, Dogma was excluded from conversations within Rex's inner-circle about destroying the Separatist supply ship.[3] When Fives and Jesse were slated to be executed for treason, Dogma organized the execution squad and was willing to follow through with the process. However, later in the campaign, Dogma was abhorred upon discovering that he and the 501st Legion had executed fellow members of the Grand Army of the Republic in the 212th.[4] However, when the 501st and 212th detachments arrived to arrest Krell for treason upon discovering his responsibility in the firefight between the two units, Dogma did not follow them to arrest him. When the group pursued Krell in his escape, Dogma attempted to stop and arrest the group, marking them as traitors. However, Rex managed to speak him down, with other troopers arresting him.[4] When Krell was apprehended and put in a cell alongside Dogma, he revealed that Dogma was the "biggest fool of them all" for following his every order without question. In the end, Dogma executed Krell for treason against the Republic.[4]

Armor and Equipment[]

Dogma wore Phase II armor and used a DC-15S blaster. His armor bore unique patterns in the 501st blue. His helmet had a red triangle and a blue chevron shape, which matched the tattoo on his face.



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