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Diplomatic Escort Group

Unit type:



Jedi General Yoda
Senator Kharrus
Senator Padme Amidala
Senatorial Aide Jar Jar Binks
Commander Stone
Commander Thorn

Notable members:

Lieutenant Thire
Clone trooper sergeant
Clone trooper 1
Clone trooper 2
Shock trooper 1
Shock trooper 2
Weapons Specialist 1
Weapons Specialist 2


Z-6 rotary cannons

Notable battles:



Clone Wars
Galactic Empire

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Diplomatic Escort Group was a clone trooper division within the Coruscant Guard in the Grand Army of the Republic.




Lieutenant Thire, Rys, Jek on Rugosa

The Diplomatic Escort Group was sent alongside Jedi Master Yoda to negotiate a treaty between the Galactic Republic and the Toydarians.[1] Their ship came under attack from Separatist ships, causing Officer Zak to deploy the escape pods with them inside. The group landed on the planet and made their way to the rendezvous point.[1] Lieutenant Thire would be injured, but despite his injuries, the group took no casualties.


The unit was once again deployed alongside Senator Kharrus and Senatorial Aide Jar Jar Binks to ransom the for Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker and the capture of Count Dooku. The ship came under attack by the pirates who held them there, which resulted in the death of Kharrus, Mack and another pilot.[2] Binks and the troopers present, under the command of Stone, would bury Kharrus, but leave the pilots where they were. The group once again came under the attack of pirates. The group would survive and rescue the Jedi, but Dooku would escape.



Commander Thorn and his men on Scipio in their final moments.

The unit was once again sent to the planet of Scipio,[3] to defend Senator Padme Amidala while they sorted out the banking situation with the Separatists.[4] The group were stationed outside the compound, due to the strict "No Weapons" policy the bank had. A trooper notified Commander Thorn that the Separatists were coming in to attack them.[4] Thorn and two of his men ran outside, just before they bombed the platform, destroying all of the Republic's ships, killing many troops at once. The remaining troopers began to make their way to the inside of the compound, but were cut off by Separatist droids.[4] The troopers of the unit became surrounded by the droids, leading each of them to a last stand. All of the troopers fought valiantly, but each of them died one by one, until it was down to Thorn.[4] Thorn used a Z-6 rotary blaster cannon, which he deemed "The Hammer", to destroy as many droids as he could, until they overwhelmed him and executed him. All of the unit present at this battle, were killed.[4]


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|ThornIcon||StoneIcon||ThireIcon||DEGIcon||DEGIcon||Mack||ClonePilotIcon |- |Thorn||Stone||Thire||Rys||Jek||Mack|| Unidentified clone trooper pilot (Florrum) |Clone trooper pilot 1 |- |CoruscantGuardIcon||CoruscantGuardIcon||CoruscantGuardIcon||ShockTrooperIcon||Unidentified shock trooper 2 (Scipio)||ShockTrooperIcon||ShockTrooperIcon |- |Clone trooper sergeant|| 1 Unidentified Coruscant Guard clone trooper |Clone trooper 1|| 2 Unidentified Coruscant Guard clone trooper |Clone trooper 2||Shock trooper 1||Shock trooper 2||Weapons specialist 1||Weapons specialist 2 |}


  • The unit was never officially named until it was released in a book.[5]
  • The unit that were sent to the planet Scipio, were never confirmed to be the Diplomatic Escort Group. But it can be assumed.[3]


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