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c. 32 BBY[2]


Human (clone)[1]




1.83 meters[1]

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ARC trooper


Special Operations Brigade


Clone Wars

Digger was an Advanced Recon Commando Lieutenant[3] that served in the Grand Army of the Republic within the Special Operations Brigade during the Clone Wars.


Digger was born in 32 BBY on the planet of Kamino.[1][2] During basic training, he received special training, as well as leadership ranking, eventually earning the title of Advanced Recon Commando, and likely earning a rank of Lieutenant.

Digger was deployed in 21 BBY to the Battle of Pengalan IV, where he fought in the battle. However, the Republic was defeated, resulting in a full retreat. While retreating, Digger's Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry ship was shot down.[4]

Presuming them dead, the Republic abandoned the planet, along with Digger, his fellow troopers, consisting of Mapper, Spade, Wrench, Spots, Hash, and Tooth, and Republic Intelligence Lieutenant Joram Kithe, who was unconscious when they crashed. When he awoke, he revealed his position. Digger was the first to talk to Kithe. Kithe was slightly disturbed as to how much the clones relied on the standard operating procedure, and tried to foster individuality into them, giving Digger his name due to him digging the graves for their fallen troopers from the crash when Kithe first spoke to him.[4]

The group made their way towards the nearest village, Tur Lorkin. When they arrived, they infiltrated a starship bay, where Kithe and another member of the group, Tooth, discovered the village was actually a site of a diamond boron missile manufacturing facility, not the factory which had been the site of the early trap.[4] Tooth went on to steal a Corellian ship and draw the Separatist's ships away from his group, while Digger, Kithe and the rest sabotaged the facility. While making their escape, Digger was in comm contact with Tooth, when his ship was hit, which resulted in Tooth's death. Digger then took point with the squad, assaulting the factory.[4]

Digger survived the assault and continued to serve alongside his fellow survivors. However, Tooth, Spade and Hash did not survive the operation.[5]


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