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Deviss, or CT-65/91-6210 was a clone captain who served during the Clone Wars and led K Company. He was later promoted to the rank of commander for his great actions on the battlefield.


Deviss, like all clones, was born on the planet of Kamino. After flash training, Deviss was able to become a captain, who later became commander and became the leader of the K Company, a unit within Commander Bly's 327th Star Corps.

Battle of Geonosis[]

In 22 BBY, Deviss served in the First Battle of Geonosis. During the fight, Deviss and Hawkbat Battalion were given orders to march into the fire of spider droids. The battalion was almost completely destroyed. Deviss risked his life and started tending to two injured clone troopers. He defended himself and the soldiers for three hours until a rescue team arrived. For his brave act, Deviss received a medal.

Battle of Altyr V[]

Republic forces were sent to destroy a Separatists base sometime in the Clone Wars. However, due to the overwhelming Separatists forces, Deviss' Jedi General was killed. Deviss' rallied the clone companies and destroyed the droids' ion cannon. This opened the battlefield for aerial bombardment, and the Republic won the battle. For his bravery, Commander Bly promoted Deviss to the rank of commander.

Battle of Orto[]

In 19 BBY, the planet Orto became illegally aligned with the Confederacy of Independant Systems. Jedi Knight Nem Bees was sent to find information about this, and he managed to contact Republic forces to assist him, Deviss and K Company part of them. Bees disabled the shield generator when the Republic emerged from hyperspace. Deviss met with Bees as the Republic landed, and together they worked to destroy the entrenched droid armies. After a week of battle, Order 66 was issued. While Bees led an attack on the enemy lines, Deviss carried out the order, killing the Jedi.

Armor and Equipment[]

Deviss had red Phase II clone trooper armor. Along with that, he had a kama and a visor attachment. He also had a red shoulder pauldron. Deviss carried a DC-15A blaster rifle, along with holsters on his kama to hold two DC-17 hand blasters.


  • Deviss was originally supposed to be Clone Commander Bly in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. However, due to the planet Bly was in during the film, his armor was changed to yellow. The red version of Bly then became Deviss.


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