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Deke was a clone cadet that was born during the Clone Wars, but unlike many of their clone trooper brethren, were not deployed in the war. Following the reorganization of the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire, Deke and several other cadets were stationed at Royce Hemlock's secret laboratory.


Deke was born on the planet of Kamino during the height of the Clone Wars. Before the cadet could reach peak maturity, Deke was sent to Royce Hemlock's secret laboratory following the reorganization of the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire. During the time at the secret laboratory, Hemlock performed routine tests and took blood samples from Deke and the other cadets and clone troopers stationed there on the planet.[2] However, the routine tests were not the only thing in development; a secret weapon was created and eventually went rogue on its creators. During the evacuation, the clone troopers stationed evacuated without concern for the cadets, stating they were simply following orders. An orbital bombardment was called in, destroying the base and a majority of its terminals.[2]

Deke escaped the base, alongside Mox and Stak, finding a nearby cave to hold up until they could a way off of the planet. The three cadets routinely patrolled the area and made several expeditions into the destroyed base in hopes of sending a transmission off planet, however, there was no power. Eventually, the experimental weapon, known as the Slither Vine, overwhelmed the base, making it too dangerous to journey into the base any longer.[2] The three would continue their patrols, returning to their training, despite the fact they would never be deployed.[2]

One day, while Deke and Stak were patrolling, the cadets came across two former clone commandos, Sergeant Hunter and Wrecker, both deserters from the Galactic Empire, while they searched for a lost member of their squad.[2] Although they were reluctant at first to assist the commandos, the two cadets brought them back to their camp, although not before fighting the Slither Vine in the process. The four members reunited with Mox, with Hunter and Wrecker explaining the reason for their investigation.[2] After a discussion about the base's activity and about an active terminal, the commandos investigated the base, with Deke assisting them in their quest.[2]

Deke, Hunter, and Wrecker returned to the Havoc Maruader to gather Gonky, Clone Force 99's gonk droid, to generate power for the terminal. The three embarked on their mission into the base to locate the terminal. As they investigated, the Slither Vine continued mutating into different forms, including spore-like crawling figures. The three powered up the terminal, downloaded the intel, and escaped the base, being pursued by the Slither Vine creatures. At that time, Mox and Stak had hijacked the Havoc Marauder and decided to rescue Deke, Hunter, and Wrecker. While the three were using the ascension cables on the Marauder, the Slither Vine attached itself to the ship.[2] Wrecker ordered Mox and Deke to grab the box of explosives he had stored away, which the cadets used to destroy the creature, as Stak flew the ship from the explosion.[2] Following the encounter, Hunter looked through the data, while Wrecker and the cadets spoke together in the cockpit. Hunter informed them that they had found a lead in the information and that he and Wrecker would drop the three cadets off on Paba, a peaceful island location they had previously discovered.[2]

Personality and Traits[]

Deke was born on the planet Kamino, cloned from the genetic template of Jango Fett, a Mandalorian bounty hunter.[1] He was born with brown eyes, as well as brown hair, which seemed to be standard for the younger Fett templates.[2] Deke was a dedicated cadet, attempting to live up the lifestyle of soldier, which was what he was created for. Deke was also willing to trust Hunter and Wrecker, as well as assist them in their recovery of Imperial data, due to his respect for their loyalty to their squad.[2] Deke was noted by Stak as being the "smart one" of the group.[2]


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