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Decoy Squad Five

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Clone troopers


DC-15S blaster carbines

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Decoy Squad Five was a clone trooper squad that served in the Grand Army of the Republic. The unit served as a detachment of the 501st Legion.


Decoy Squad Five was a unit that was created later in the Clone Wars, likely around 19 BBY. The unit received basic training and eventually graduated, being placed within the 501st Legion.

In 19 BBY, following the initiation of Order 66, the squad was stationed outside the Jedi Temple, in the disguise of Jedi Knights, wearing robes from Jedi they had slaughtered the night before. This was in case any more Jedi returned to the Temple. The unit, lead by a Sergeant, remained due to the beacon that was set off, telling Jedi to return, in order to quell the Jedi permanently.[1]

The unit, consisting of eight troopers, was approached by a hunchbacked man, who drooled constantly and spoke incoherently, that was carrying a bundle in his arms. The troopers drew their weapons and ordered him to identify himself, but he assured them they were on the same side and that they had captured a Jedi baby. Because of this, the Sergeant became curious and judged the baby to be the ugliest baby he had ever seen and questioned whether or not it was actually a Jedi.[2]

The "baby" was actually Jedi Master Yoda, who chose to speak at that moment, revealing his green blade that confirmed his identity. The man, Obi-Wan Kenobi in disguised, straightened up and spoke in his normal tone, telling the squad that if they did not resist, none of them would be harmed. The squad did not comply with this demand and the unit was quickly eliminated within six seconds.[2]

Yoda and Obi-Wan decided not to hide the group's bodies because they had no time to spare while infiltrating the Temple, so they continued inside. They figured that if the clones were perceived as leaving their post, it would be just as odd as finding their bodies in the seedy lower levels of Coruscant.[2]

Armor and Equipment[]

Decoy Squad Five was not equipped with standard armor, like a majority of the 501st Legion. However, they were given Jedi robes and used them to disguise themselves as Jedi in case they returned to the Jedi Temple. They were given DC-15S blaster carbines to defend themselves as well.


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