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Darman Skirata


RC-1136 (formerly)

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c. 32 BBY


Human (clone)




1.83 meters

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Theta Squad (formerly)
Omega Squad
Squad 40


Galactic Republic
Galactic Empire
Clan Skirata


Clone Wars
Galactic Empire

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Darman Skirata, known officially as RC-1136 and later IC-1136, was a commando within Omega Squad. During the war, his close friendship with his trainer - his adoptive father - and his eventual secret marriage with Jedi Knight Etain Tur-Mukan led him to question his role as a soldier. After Order 66 was issued, his squadmate was accidentally sliced with a lightsaber as they were escaping, and couldn't leave with their ship, so Darman stayed behind to help, instead of deserting like his fellow troopers, and joined into Imperial Service within Squad 40.


Early Life[]

In 32 BBY, Darman, designation RC-1136, was born on the planet of Kamino. He was bred to be a commando and was trained by Kal Skirata. Skirata trained him and his original squad, Theta Squad, as he did with several other commando units and the Null ARC troopers.[1][2] Darman received his nickname as a take on the Mando'a term dar'manda, which meant the equivalent of a soulless dead man. Over his years of training, he engaged in combat training such as the Killing House, which simulated real battle situations, as well as the Sickener, which added an ability to stomach horrid images of the battlefield.

First Battle of Geonosis[]

In 22 BBY, Darman, alongside Theta Squad and the other 2,500 clone commando squads, were deployed to the First Battle of Geonosis, tasked with infantry-like objectives over black operations, which was what they had been trained to operate in. The commando unit was tasked with destroying an underground battle droid foundry. While en-route, Sergeant Taler ordered Darman to assemble and man their E-Web turret and cover their entrance and escape. Darman remained on the turret position, while Taler, Vin, and Jay entered the foundry and were met with heavy fire. Darman eventually returned to the surface to rendezvous with the rest of the Republic forces. Although Theta Squad had been reported down by CC-01/425, Darman had not received that confirmation.[3] Delta Squad was rerouted to destroy the foundry.[3] Darman waited until the last gunship took off to discover that his squad was KIA.[1] Following the battle, Darman was placed in a scheduled cooldown.[1]

Mission to Qiilura[]

When Darman awoke from the cooldown, he discovered his reassignment to his new squad: Omega Squad. The new unit comprised of former members of Lambda Squad, Teroch Squad, and Prudii Squad; Niner, Fi, and Atin Skirata. Darman had recognized that Niner and Fi had both been a part of Skirata's training companies, while Atin had been a part of Walon Vau's.[1] Despite a general sense of unease, the unit sat together for their briefing of their first operation together. Following their briefing, the squad was deployed to the planet of Qiilura. While enroute to their landing zone, a creature flew into their engine, destroying, sending the ship to crash. Atin and Fi had bailed out of the ship, while Darman scrambled to gather as much gear as he could carry. Niner ordered him out of the ship, but Darman refused, claiming they would need the equipment. He managed to force Niner out of the ship, while he loaded the rest of the equipment he felt needed.[1]

Darman jumped shortly after with as much equipment as he could muster. However, when he landed, his chute deployed, hanging him in a tree. He awoke hours later and scrambled to locate his equipment, hiding in a field nearby. Eventually, he made his way through the fields into a farmhouse. When he had found the farmhouse, an occupant attacked him, who he swiftly disarmed. Jedi Commander Etain Tur-Mukan had been sent to the planet initially to assist the farmers with her master, who was killed in the process.[1] The two met with Jinart, a creature local to the planet who had the ability to shapeshift, who in turn assisted Darman in rendezvousing with the rest of Omega Squad.[1]

Once they had regrouped, they designed their plan of assault on the bio-weapons facility that they had been tasked to recover a pathogen and the scientist who had created it, Dr. Olovot Qail Uthan.[1] However, in their escape, Ghez Hokan, the Mandalorian soldier who protected the stronghold, had launched an EMP that disabled Omega Squad's HUD and weapons. Hokan had also opened fire on Darman, Atin, and the doctor with a Verpine rifle, hitting Uthan and Atin in the process and critically wounding both. Niner and Fi engaged Hokan and distracted him, while Tur-Mukan decapitated the Mandalorian.[1] Evac had arrived in the form of a LAAT/i, getting Uthan and Atin the medical treatment needed.[1]

Galactic City spaceport hostage siege[]

Following Atin's recovery and after a period of relaxation at the Arca Company barracks, Omega Squad was redeployed during a hostage siege at the Galactic City spaceport on Coruscant. The terrorists were from the planet of Haruun Kal, holding hostages captive and demanding that the Republic presence on Haruun Kal be removed. Kal Skirata arrived alongside Advanced Recon Commando Captain Ordo and Jedi General Kaim, the latter of whom was sent to negotiate. The terrorists killed Kaim and threw his corpse out of the spaceport with explosives planted on the carcass. Fi jumped on the corpse before it could explode, saving several lives in the process and only burning his armor, gaining the respect of Ordo and the police in the process.[4] After Fi was deemed fit to continue, the squad moved in to attack. Darman placed the proper explosives in order to blow the doors, while Ordo covered the roof. When the doors blow, Fi tossed in flash bangs, blinding the terrorists, with Atin taking out one and Darman and Niner taking out one together. One of the terrorists had switched clothes with a hostage, which Ordo noticed and executed him. The squad managed to rescue all the hostages and execute each terrorist, including Senator Meena Tills.[4]

Mission to the Correllian-Perlemian Intersection[]

After 367 days following the First Battle of Geonosis, Omega Squad was tasked to intercept and detain the occupants of a Gizer L-6 freighter. While en-route, the squad were flown in by special operations pilot Sicko, who flew TIV Z590/1 during the Traffic Interdiction Operation (TIOPS).[2] However, during the operation, their pilot managed to drop the squad off but was cut-off from the Gizer L-6, losing communications with the squad. Omega Squad had managed to capture three of their targets and wait for evac. However, the ship had taken several critical hits, leaving the squad stranded with several hull breaches.[2] A red zero call was sent by the unit, with Fearless and Delta Squad deploying to rescue the stranded commandos and prisoners. Darman remained quiet during the operation, to the point where his squadmates thought he was sleeping. In reality, he had been in deep thought about whether he would survive this mission and see his friend Tur-Mukan again.[2] As they sat waiting for rescue, it was discovered that a distress signal had been sent from the freighter to enemy forces, meaning it was a race to rescue the squad. Delta Squad managed to arrive first and rescue the squad and prisoners, taking off after the enemy forces had arrived. The RAS Fearless had arrived soon after and provided the proper cover. Delta and Omega joined the Fearless, with Darman reuniting with Tur-Mukan once again.[2]

Personality and Traits[]

Like all clones of Jango Fett, Darman stood 1.83 meters tall and possessed brown eyes and black hair.[5] Darman had the nature of a child, despite being a commando.[1] Darman was known for being the calm one of Omega Squad. He was known to relax on missions, so much that his squadmates assumed he was asleep;[2] a trait shared by Clone Force 99 member, Crosshair.

Darman was raised by Kal Skirata to be apart of the Mandalorian culture. In Mando culture, certain members memorized fallen family members and once cited, it would have to be sited every day till their death. During a mission to Gaftikar, Darman killed two Clone Intelligence troopers, Moz and Olun. Darman cited their names and would cite them every name.[6] Darman was claustrophobic, like all clones, which he discovered while crawling down a Gdan tunnel along with Atin.[1]

Armor and Equpment[]

Darman possessed Katarn-class commando armor, a DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System and a sidearm. Darman was known to be the demolitions expert of the unit, so he carried several types of explosives, including sonic detonators, ion grenades, frag grenades, EMP grenades, bore bangs and carried an E-web when the mission called for it. Darman possessed a vibroblade inside of his armor, as did the rest of the commandos. Darman's favorite weapon was the bowcaster.[1]


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