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DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System


Grenade Launcher


BlasTech Industries

Magazine size:

60 shots


300 shots

Fire mode:

Semi automatic


Clone Wars
Galactic Empire

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The DC-17m was a weapon mainly used by clone commandos due to its wide variety of configurable combat uses. A notable exception was Clone Force 99, who used specialized DC-17 hand blasters and a few other special weapons.[1] The weapon was designed by BlasTech Industries.[2]


Technical Specs[]

The DC-17m has multiple combat configuration options, such as an automatic blaster rifle, an Anti Armor grenade launcher, and a long range sniper rifle. The blaster rifle configuration Holds 60 rounds per magazine and has a close-range Stun setting, as well as a decent rate of automatic fire. The Anti-Armor configuration launches grenades with a general blast radius of 4 meters (14 feet), While the Sniper configuration has 5 rounds in each magazine and excellent long-range capabilities. The optimum range for this weapon is roughly 45 meters (147 feet), while its maximum range is roughly 450 meters (1476 feet).

Blaster Rifle[]

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The Blaster Rifle attachment was the most used attachment between the Commandos, an attachment of which turned the DC-17m into a powerful ion pulse assault rifle. The DC-17m acquired its power from sideloaded energy packs. The attachment allows 60 rounds and full-auto firing. Most commandos carried around 300 rounds.

Sniper Rifle[]

This attachment changed the DC-17m into a long-range engagement sniper, with an integrated long-range electromagnetic sight, and fired solid projectiles encased in blaster energy. The electromagnetic sight also had multiple zoom modes, between 10x and 20x. The sniper was very powerful, and has the capability to kill droids and most organic life forms with a single well placed shot. At close-range the sights provided a similar effect to an x-ray.


The Anti-Armor attachment turned the DC-17m into an anti-armor grenade launcher. The launcher is loaded one at a time with grenades that could be launched from several feet away, detonating on impact when it comes into contact with a hard surface. Said grenades are most effective when used against heavily armored targets, though they could also be used to kill multiple enemies in an enclosed area. The primary drawbacks of the grenades revolve around their logistical use, as they were heavy to carry and expensive to replace.

Additional Attachments[]

When the DC-17m was introduced to the clone commandos, a fourth attachment was also introduced: a non-lethal Pulsed Energy Projectile (PEP) laser, which proved effective in Riot and Crowd control situations where fatal force was not viable. The weapon generated powerful shockwaves of light and sound when discharged, an effect of which was described as being hit with a flashbang grenade while also being shot in the chest by multiple plastoid rounds.

During the third year of the Clone Wars they released a fifth attachment: a rapid breaching grenade. The launcher allowed them to blow open doors or hatches from a safe distance, which especially helped when attempting to breach and clear a room of hostiles. The grenade sits on a rod at the end of the DC-17's muzzle.

Notable Users[]


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