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 The DC-17m Blaster Rifle was a rapid firing weapon used by Republic Commandos during the Clone Wars. The commandos would often modify these blaster to fit their needs, along with the standard add-ons and modifications that they came with. Captain Gregor a elite Republic clone commando used this type of blaster when he fought during the Clone Wars. [1]


DC-17m blaster rifles are standard used by Clone commandos who used them in battle field specifically modified to there needs. They rapidly fired in battle. Many Commandos such as Gregor and Wrecker used them.

Created by BlasTech Industries to be able to meet the needs of the Grand Army of the Republic's top special forces soldiers, the DC-17m became the new weapon of the Republic commandos throughout the Clone Wars. An adaptable weapon, the DC-17m was capable of fulfilling many combat roles due to its function to reconfigure into either a normal blaster assault rifle, a compact sniper rifle, or an anti-armor grenade launcher, depending upon the needs of the user. These traits made the DC-17m invaluable to its clone commando owners, and the DC-17 proved a dangerous weapon against the Confederacy of Independent Systems on various battles across the galaxy.


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