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DC-15s side arm blaster


Blaster pistol


BlasTech Industries[1]

Magazine Size:

None (Solar recharge)

Shot Capacity:

Approximately 7 per recharge
250 shots

Fire Mode:

Semi automatic
Short range stun

Notable Wielders:



Clone Wars
Galactic Empire

"The DC-15s blaster isn't my favorite weapon, but it never runs outta ammo, and that counts for something in a firefight."
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The DC-15s side arm blaster was a blaster pistol created by BlasTech Industries for the Grand Army of the Republic. DC-15s pistols were primarily used by the Special Operations Brigade, and predominately Clone commandos.


The side arm was a blaster pistol that fired charged plasma bolts. While not as powerful as the DC-15S blaster carbine or DC-15A blaster rifle weapons, the side arm came in handy in close quarters, or when conserving ammunition was vitally necessary. The DC-15s recharged at a round per second, capable of seven consecutive shots with the energy fully charged. After the seven shots, the wielder had to wait for recharge of energy for at least one shot to fire again.[2]


The weapon was used by Republic commandos during the Clone Wars. Boss used the weapon on several occasions, including the First Battle of Geonosis, Mission to Chaykin Cluster and the Mission to Kashyyyk.[2]

Sev used the weapon every now and again, although stating that it was not his favorite weapon, he appreciated that it did not run out of ammo in a firefight.[2]

Darman used the weapon in 20 BBY, after shooting it's owner with his own weapon. He killed the the comrade of the owner, discovering that the two were Covert operations clone troopers, Moz and Olun, which he lamented and blamed himself, although it was ARC Lieutenant Sull's.[3]

After the Clone Wars ended and the Galactic Empire formed, the Special Operations Brigade was disbanded and redirected to the 501st Legion and the Imperial Commando Special Unit. The commandos used the same equipment, save for their armor, which was a specialized version of it. After a mission with Squad 40, Ennen used a side arm to kill himself, out of guilt.[4]

Notable Wielders[]


  • Star Wars: Republic Commando
  • Republic Commando: Hard Contact
  • Republic Commando: True Colors
  • Imperial Commando: 501st



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