DC-15S blaster carbine




BlasTech Industries

Magazine size:

100 shots


Approximately 500 shots

Fire mode:

  • Semi automatic
  • Automatic
  • Stun


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The DC-15S blaster carbine was a medium-sized blaster with shorter range than a rifle, but a higher rate of fire. It was used by the Grand Army of the Republic for its clone troopers. Being standard issue, almost all branches of the military were equipped with it, and it was often used alongside the DC-15A blaster rifle. It fired blue shots of plasma, but also had a nonlethal stun setting when capturing an enemy was top priority.

Being lighter than the DC-15A, it could be dual-wielded, held as a pistol, or carried with a blast shield. When the Galactic Republic sent equipment to aid rebel or civilian forces, the DC-15S was often sent, along with E-web repeating blaster turrets and other ordnance. However, the carbines sent were never on full-spec, and were toned down, as the civilian forces were not as well-trained as clone troopers.

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