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Cut Lawquane

Home world:



c. 32 BBY


Human (clone)[1]




1.83 meters[1]

Hair color:

Dyed reddish-brown

Eye color:



Clone Wars

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Cut Lawquane was a former clone trooper, however after the First Battle of Geonosis he deserted the clone army, after his friends were killed in the battle, with him being the only survivor of his unit. Lawquane made his way to the planet of Saleucami and married a Twi'lek named Suu and adopted her two children.[2]


Cut Lawquane

Cut with his wife

Cut Lawquane was born on the water-world of Kamino in 32 BBY.[1] He received basic training and eventually graduated. Shortly after the first battle of Geonosis an ambush took place on his troop transport, where most of his fellow soldiers died or were injured.[2] In result of this he deserted from the Grand Army, where he sought a new life on a farm in Saleucami. He later married a female Twi'lek named Suu Lawquane. In result of the marriage, Cut Lawquane became an adoptive father to Shaeeah, and Jek.[2] In 21 BBY, the Lawquanes were visited by a small unit of clones, while Cut was away. Suu offered the injured clone safety, while the other three - Jesse, Kix, and Hardcase - returned to the battle that was taking place in a different area alongside the 501st Legion and 212th Attack Battalion.[2] Upon Cut's return, the injured clone, Rex, a Captain of the 501st, drew his weapon on Cut, thinking he was an intruder, discovering that he was in fact the owner of the farm and also a deserter.[2] After a long and heated conversation about the morality of the war and the Cut's desertion, Shaeeah and Jek ran inside after they discovered an escape pod in the field that included a few squads of commando droids.[2] Cut lead his wife and kids upstairs, sending Rex upstairs with them and arming him with one of his DC-17 hand blasters. Cut remained downstairs with a DC-15S blaster carbine and a blaster rifle. He began to pick off the droids one by one until he realized that a few had made it under the house. He took out a few more before the scuffle pinned him underneath his fallen table.[2] Rex removed the remaining commando droids from the house and assisted Cut in the cleanup after the battle. The following morning, Cut set Rex up with a eopie and his equipment. Before he departed from the Lawquane homestead, Suu questioned Rex if he would report Cut. Rex stated that it was his responsibility to do so but that he owed Cut and would not say a word.[2]

At some point after this event, Lawquane encountered Clone Force 99.[3] In 19 BBY, Rex once again visited Cut following the initiation of Order 66 and warned his deserter brother of the inhibitor chips that were implanted in the brains of the clones at birth. Although Cut did not remove the chip, likely due to him never receiving the order, he did decide it was time to move his family somewhere more remote, due to the newly formed Galactic Empire encroaching on their planet.[3] Rex would depart soon thereafter. A day later, Cut and his family were visited by the Bad Batch, though with two new additional members and Crosshair no longer being present.[3] The Bad Batch, consisting now of Sergeant Hunter, Tech, Wrecker, and new members Corporal Echo and Omega, visited with Cut and his family, learning that they were planning on leaving the planet.[3] Hunter and Cut would enter town to discover that the Empire was beginning to register people, which would be an issue, due to Cut's desertion.[3] Upon returning to Cut's home, they determined that they would need a plan to make sure they got out safely, mainly because the Bad Batch were wanted, which made it too risky for Cut's family.[3] While in the midst of developing their plan, Omega had gotten in a scuffle with a Nexu, as she walked past their fence, which the kids reported. While Suu blasted the beast from the rooftop, Hunter attacked the creature with his vibroblade. Hunter, quickly realizing that he would not be the best fit for Omega's upbringing, would speak with Cut and Suu about Omega leaving with them, so she could be raised more like Shaeeah and Jek.[3]

Around this time, Tech set in motion a plan which led to Tech, Echo, and initially unbeknownst to them, Omega, being snuck behind enemy lines with the Havoc Marauder being placed in impound. Hunter, Wrecker, Cut and his family would move into the city with their belongings. Eventually, Tech and Echo managed to get the chain codes that Cut and his family would need to escape the planet.[3] In that process, Tech and Echo would get into a firefight, which led to Wrecker meeting up with his teammates and help Omega escape to bring the codes to Cut.[3] Hunter would reveal to Omega that he wanted her to go with Cut because it would be safer, before he left to assist his brothers.[3] Cut, Suu, Shaeeah, Jek, and Omega would go through the proper scans and be authenticated to leave the planet. However, at some point after this, Omega snuck away to return to the Havoc Marauder, leaving the Lawquane family. Cut, his wife, and his children boarded the transport off-world, with Cut briefly being stopped by a clone trooper, pointing out that he thought he recognized him, before the trooper was called away to deal with the shootout at the impound.[3] Cut and his family escape Saleucami to find another world with a remote piece of land.[3]

Personality and Traits[]

Cut possessed all the same physical traits of clone troopers, including 1.83 meters in height and brown eyes. However, despite having black hair, he dyed his hair red. Cut was always ready to help people in need, which his adopted children grew to learn as well. His family gave safe haven for Captain Rex, a trait they learned from him. Cut defended his family when Separatist droids attacked, with Rex's assistance.


Cut, at some point, had possessed Phase I clone trooper armor, which he would dispose of at some point after his desertion. However, he would continue to possess his weapons, which included a DC-17 hand blaster, DC-15S blaster carbine,[2] and a DC-15A blaster rifle.[3] At some point, he would equip himself and his family with a standard blaster rifle, as to not draw attention to themselves with standard Galactic Republic weapons. He also possessed a staff with pointed ends.[2]


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22 BBY
21 BBY
First Battle of Geonosis
Attack on a Republic troop transport
Battle of Saleucami


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