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Clone Wars

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Crosshair, born CT-9904[3] and likely also referred to as RC-9904,[4] was a clone commando part of the a Clone commando squad known as Clone Force 99, with genetic modifications. He was the sniper of the unit.[5] He was rather rude to normal clones, including how he addressed them. He had a cold personality and spoke back to Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. He was highly cynical by nature and was very bitter about the war.[6]


Crosshair was born in 32 BBY[2] on the water planet of Kamino, cloned from the genetic template of Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett.[1] However, unlike the vast majority of clone troopers, Crosshair possessed genetic mutations which simultaneously altered his appearance to differ from the appearance of Fett and the average clone trooper and also enhanced his eyesight, which allowed him to become a sharpshooter with relative ease. However, because of this, he gained a higher sense of superiority.[7] Crosshair would receive intense training and would be assigned to serve in the Grand Army of the Republic within Clone Force 99, known as the Bad Batch. The unit contained three additional mutated clones - Hunter, Wrecker, and Tech. Crosshair and his squad would be deployed across the galaxy and perform several missions, occasionally working with Marshal Commander Cody.[5]

In 19 BBY, the squad was deployed to Yalbec Prime, where they were assigned to quell an insurrection. During the middle of their assignment, Cody reached out to the squad asking for assistance on Anaxes. However, before they could depart from Yalbec Prime, Wrecker cut off the stinger of the queen, which caused the males to attempt to mate with the squad.[5] Eventually, the squad managed to escape and rally to Anaxes, causing mayhem and mischief in the midst of their landing. However, this landing made a lasting impression on the troopers that would work with them on their assignment. The squad was quickly introduced to Jedi General Anakin Skywalker, Captain Rex, ARC trooper Jesse, and medic Kix, before being deployed on their objective.[5] Crosshair was the least sociable of the group, glaring at Jesse predominately and noting that they did not usually work with normal clones, which he referred to as "regs".[5] Soon after this, their gunship was shot down, with Cody being critically injured. After retrieving Cody from the wreckage, Crosshair and his squad took on the enemy forces while Rex and Jesse covered Kix while he tended to Cody.[5] The unit specifically used Plan 82 to take down the enemy forces. The team regrouped with the others and rested for the night. Crosshair once again initiated a fight between the "regs" and his squad, while Rex and Tech attempted to break it up, with Hunter finally being the one to do it ultimately.[5]

After some time, the decision was made that Kix and Cody would wait for medevac, while the rest of the unit embarked on their way to complete their objective. Rex, in a way of attempting to bridge a friendship between the "regs" and the squad, gave the order to do things the squad's way. The unit attacked the outpost and obtained the information that they needed with Tech and Rex discovering that Echo was still alive.[5] The unit would manage to return back to base and rest up before their next operation. After returning to Fort Anaxes, Crosshair and the squad were briefed on their next mission, although not a sanctioned one. Skywalker and Rex embarked on the shuttle with the squad to the planet of Skako Minor. Upon reaching the planet, the squad's ship, the Havoc Marauder, came under attack by a local creature known as a keeradak. Skywalker was picked up by one of these beasts, which led to Hunter and Crosshair working together. Crosshair took aim and fired a grapple hook onto the beast's leg, which Hunter hooked onto his belt.[8] While Hunter and Skywalker were being carried off, Crosshair, Tech, Wrecker, and Rex followed after toward a village. The unit managed to find and rescue Skywalker from the villagers, who were simply protecting their territory in hopes that they would not enter the war. After negotiating with the villagers, the unit were lead by some of the villagers best scouts to the Techno Union's operation. Crosshair would argue with Rex that he left Echo for dead and that if Echo was alive, he may be working for the Separatists.[8] Crosshair and the Bad Batch would go to secure the entrance to the facility, with Skywalker and Rex following soon thereafter. The unit managed to infiltrate the facility, though not as covert as they had intended, as a brief firefight ensued quickly. Tech managed to track the transmission that they had used to determine Echo's whereabouts, to their exact floor, which led them to split up and begin searching rooms one-by-one. While Skywalker was searching a room, he was ambushed by droids, managing to cut them down, with Crosshair assisting on one from behind.[8] As Crosshair and Skywalker rendezvoused with the others, they were under heavy fire by a large droid force. Luckily, the two assisted the remaining four and managed to help hold the line, while Rex and Tech entered the room. Eventually, they would be overwhelmed which led to Skywalker and the other members of the Bad Batch to retreat into the room where Rex, Tech, and the newly awakened Echo were.[8]


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