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Crazy Legs

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c. 32 BBY[2]


22 BBY


Human (clone)[1]




1.83 meters[1]

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Banks' squad


Clone Wars

"You've got to be kidding me. Again?"
―Crazy Legs
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Crazy Legs was a clone trooper that served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars.


Early Life[]

Crazy Legs was born in 32 BBY on the planet Kamino.[1][2] The trooper was given basic training, as well as pilot training, and upon graduation, he was assigned to serve with a group of troopers. During a battle he served in, he was shot down, and was able to survive.[3]

Mission to Oznek[]

Banks squad

Banks and the squad holding droids off, while Syke gets Crazy Legs out.

In 22 BBY, Crazy Legs was designated to fly a mission to Oznek, under the command of Sergeant Banks. While flying over the forest, the ship was hit. They crash landed in the forest and were soon surrounded by droids. While Banks, Ghost, Cutter and the rest of the squad held the droids off, Syke assisted Crazy Legs out the ship, cutting the cockpit open and dragging him out, as he had broken his leg and his arm in the crash, marking his second crash survival.[3] After clearing the droids, the troopers buried their dead and covered their tracks.

After setting up a base, the troopers made camp for the night, talking and trying to communicate with command, eventually reaching Commander Griebs Kishpaugh.[3] The Commander ordered all the troopers out of the room, except for Sergeant Banks, who he spoke to privately. The next morning, the troopers, save for Crazy Legs, left for their mission. Crazy Legs remained at the base to rest and relax. However, an army of droids surrounded the trooper, forcing him to draw his weapon and eventually be killed in the skirmish.[3]


The mission turned out to be a falsehood, a ploy set up by Kishpaugh and Ghost, who were traitors to the Republic, hoping to send the Toma, the local creatures of Oznek, rallying to the Separatists. Banks, however, was able to capture Kishpaugh and kill Ghost, leaving Banks, Cutter and another trooper the only surviving members of the squad.[3] The three remaining troopers were then assigned to Jedi General Bultar Swan.


  • The Clone Wars: The Enemy Within


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